How to Make a Flower Pot Costume #31DIYcostumes

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Day 14 here at Crystal and Comp and I have found this easy and cheap flower pot costume!!  This costume is so simple and inexpensive but just adorable. I can guarantee, well almost, no other kiddos will have this one of a kind costume on Halloween night.  I love that it is unique and you can really dress it up in many different ways to make it your own.

Today I will be sharing the flower pot costume. This costume is simple and you can purchase everything from the Dollar Tree or you may even be able to find these items in your garage… or a friends garage.

All you need for this flower pot  Halloween costume is a plastic large flower pot, duck tape, pink shirt and leggings, or whatever color you decided to go with, headband with matching flower and dollar store fake flowers.

Simple huh?  This is like so many other DIY Halloween costumes and will not break the bank making.

Head on over to Dukes and Duchesses for the full tutorial and see the cuteness over there.  She tells you where she purchased some items as well as details on just how she made this flower pot costume.


Maybe I can talk my daughter in to being this for Halloween?  She would look so cute walking up and down the street on Halloween wearing this.  To see this flower pot costume tutorial click here and do not forget to pin this costume to your Pinterest board for easy viewing later on.

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