How to Make a Lego Mini Figure Costume #31DIYcostumes

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If it’s one toy that my kiddos never get enough of, it’s Legos.  So I thought this next costume would be appropriate for all of those boys out there… and girls too!  On day 22 we are going to be talking about a Lego Mini Figure Halloween costume.  Too cool right?

This is even a great idea for those older kids that always want to go as something scary.  Who doesn’t like an old fashion Lego man?  Lego men are so popular nowadays, all my kids seem to want are the men themselves.  If I would have seen this idea before we decided on their costumes, one of my boys would have totally been this.

The maker of this costume  is very detailed about her tutorial.  Like other DIY Halloween costumes, this one would be fun for the whole family to make.  And I must say the tutorial is very easy and would only take about two hours or so to make.

I found this Lego Mini Figure over at iCandy Handmade and she makes this tutorial look simple.

DIY Halloween Costumes: Lego Mini Figure Costume

I told you its super cute and super easy!!  Click here to see the full tutorial of the Lego Mini Figure.  You will just love it.  And make sure you pin this costume like the others to your Pinterest board for easy keeping.


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