How to Make a Penguin Costume #31DIYCostumes

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Can you believe its already day 13 over here at Crystal and Comp?  We have already covered several super cute costumes and today is no different.  I honestly wish I had a little kiddo again so I could dress them up in this very cute penguin costume.

All three of my kids will not let me put them in something cute like this anymore.  This little penguin comes complete with an orange beak, wings and of course that tuxedo.  Add a precious little boy or a little girl to the mix and that’s one cute penguin costume.

This tutorial is very detailed and does require some sewing.  It is very step-by-step with photographs and goes into detail about each part of the penguin such as the nose, eyes and face as well as the body, wings and feet.  This little penguin also goes along with other DIY Halloween costumes like Mary Poppins and Bert from the movie Mary Poppins.  So if you have two older kiddos you can dress them all up as matching characters and off they will go Halloween night.

Head on over to Make It and Love It to find her very awesome tutorial you will not want to miss.  Again, this tutorial does require a little more sewing than most, but is well worth the time and effort.  Your child can keep this for years worth of playing in.


See, now didn’t I tell you how cute this little Penguin is?  Mary Poppins and Bert are just as cute too! Click here to see this Penguin Halloween costume tutorial. I would love to see all three of these costumes walking down the street together on Halloween night.  Too bad I couldn’t talk my three kiddos into something like this!!  Or maybe I could bribe them?  Yeah maybe not!

As always head on over to Pinterest and make sure you pin this costume to your Pinterest board.  This idea could also be used for other fun parties, plays or just because your little one loves penguins.

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