How to Make a Rocket Power Super Hero Costume #31DIYCOSTUMES

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Seriously I LOVE super hero costumes.  One thing that I love about them is little boys love them too.  Plus, you can make them look however you would like.

Let your little one help in making the costume and use their imagination.  If your kiddos are anything like mine, they will wear their super hero costume for years to come…… even when they’re too big to fit into it.

Super hero costumes are very popular right now.  There are so many different super heroes which means there are a lot of different DIY Halloween costumes that you can put your twist on.  I found this tutorial on how to make a rocket power jet pack which is perfect for all of those super hero lovers out there.

With this costume idea it’s the perfect little tool to help all those super heroes reach the stars.  These jet packs are simple too.  All you need is two, 2 litters of soda bottles (empty of course), two different colors of felt, a small piece of card board, old webbing, silver spray paint and there you have it.  Put a super hero mask on your little one and let them have some fun trick-or-treating.

You can find this tutorial over at Doodle Craft were she gives a step by step tutorial with photographs.  This tutorial is easy as well as cheap and most of these items can be found in your garage I am sure.

DIY Halloween Costumes Rocket Power Jet Pack

See what I mean?  Isn’t this little super hero super cute?  His sci-fi jet packs would make for the perfect finishing touch for your trick-or-treater.

While you are here make sure you pin it to your Pinterest board so you can go back to it when you are ready to start building it.  Happy Halloween!!

Head over here to see the tutorial on this rocket power super hero costume.


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