Storing Plastic Easter Eggs for Next Year

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There are 15 plus little cousins that meet at my sister’s each year and have a delicious Easter dinner and then a fun Easter egg hunt as a family.

We all bring plastic candy-filled eggs per child, to the event, for the big egg hunt.

This year we brought 24 plastic candy-filled eggs per child. Shew, that was a lot and those packages of eggs can really add up!

But, somehow we have managed to start a great routine for storing these eggs that I hope we are able to carry on for years to come.

storing plastic Easter eggs for next year

Storing Plastic Easter Eggs

Last Easter one of my sister-in-laws offered to hold the plastic eggs that folks did not want and she stored them in her attic. She kept eggs from her family’s hunt and our family’s hunt.

This year, a week before Easter, she divvied eggs out to each family, delivered them and boom, we were set for Easter this year. We did not have to spend money on any of those plastic eggs, we just had to buy the candy and fill them. (And when you have to purchase close to 100 eggs, that is a pretty nice savings)

Then again this year after the hunt and after the kids had some time to devour a portion of their sweets and partake in the fun of the plastic eggs, we emptied the candy into each kids’ basket and dumped all of the plastic eggs back into the container for storage.

I am so exited about this! Totally a mommy solution and a money saving tradition I hope we continue for years!

How about you? How do you store the leftover plastic eggs? I also have a fun education game you can quickly turn some of them into if storing them is not something you’re interested in.

how to store plastic Easter eggs


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  1. Melinda T says:

    We do that too! Every year we do a big egg hunt with the nieces, nephews and cousins. Anywhere from 12-25 kids! We make sure to save the plastic eggs and reuse them!

    1. Melinda- I love that I do not have to store them and it is one less thing to buy at Easter time.

  2. This is the first year we’ve had a hunt as my daughter is still a “little bit”. But, I am saving them in a bag for next year.

  3. Not only do we save and store the plastic eggs, we save the baskets and grass from year to year and reuse those too. The only thing I have to buy is the candy.

    1. Meghan- we skip the grass all together. It is just such a mess.

  4. Arg! Those dumb eggs are so hard to store! I just stick mine in a tub and stash in the basement. You’re right, it beats buying eggs every year!

  5. My sil keeps all the eggs. She has a different color egg for each kid. That way every kid gets the same amount and we can hide the younger kids eggs easier and the older kids harder.

  6. I’m not sure how many plastic eggs we have, but nowhere near as much as you all have! We just do an easy hunt for our girls – they just turned 2 and 5. We honestly don’t put ANYTHING in the eggs! They don’t know about that, so they just enjoy finding the eggs themselves. I have 3 plastic baskets that I put the eggs in and store them in a closet until we need them again. Granted, we have some where one half has broken or gotten lost, so I have a separate place for those in the event that we one day find their matches.

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