Easter Resurrection Color Pages

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We love Easter and I am looking forward to church as a family, delicious dinner and an egg hunt.

I love our new tradition of remembering the story of Easter by way of Resurrection eggs.

Essentially these are 12 plastic eggs that have a treat inside to help tell the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross. There is scripture that goes with each egg as you tell the story.

This year I wanted to create some kid color pages for Easter that parents can use along with the Resurrection eggs. You can do one a day or you can do them all at one time.

kid color pages for easter


Each page also includes scripture so you could use these color pages to guide you as you create your own DIY Resurrection eggs.

color pages for kids easter theme


Here we opened the second egg in the carton which holds silver coins inside.

As you see, the scripture tells about how someone was paid thirty silver coins to hand Jesus over.

kids color pages for easter


Here is a peek at what is inside the 12 eggs.

resurrection eggs

Print your kid color pages for Easter here.

This color page signifies the donkey that Jesus rode into the city.

Kid Color Pages for Easter


Here is the color page about the coins that were paid in trade for Jesus.

Kid Color Pages for Easter


This cup signifies the special dinner Jesus had with his disciples.

Kid Color Pages for Easter


After the dinner they prayed in the garden.



Kid Color Pages for Easter


The men who wanted to kill Jesus then whipped him.



The soliders then made a crown from thorns and shoved it on Jesus’ head.

crown of thorns


The soldiers then made Jesus carry a heavy wooden cross to the top of the hill.




They soldiers then played a game and took all of Jesus’ clothes.



After Jesus died on the cross one of the soldiers stabbed Him with a spear to make sure he was dead.



Josheph wrapped Jesus’ body in cloth so he could bury him.

linen cloth


Jesus was placed in a tomb and a large stone was placed in front of the tomb to keep bad people away.


When two women came to the tomb of Jesus the heavy stone was moved and the tomb was empty. Jesus has risen!


And this is the story of Easter.

You can print all of the pages here.

You can also learn more about where to get Resurrection eggs.

Happy Easter and enjoy with your kids, family and church friends.


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  2. Resurrection eggs = genius! Will share this on the fb group of our church families.

  3. I’ve never heard of resurrection eggs! But those pages seem like a great way to teach your kids about Easter.

  4. These look like they’d be simple enough for preschoolers to color. Thanks for sharing your Easter post on the Everything Kids party this week.

  5. These are such a great resource! I am always on the lookout for bible based Easter activities to do with my kids to incorporate the REAL meaning if Easter. Pinning for others to use as well. Thanks for linking up with Inspire me Monday!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  6. These are wonderful and I love the verses on each page! Thank you so much for joining the Lean & Play Link Up! This post is featured on Christian Montessori Network this week.

  7. What a fabulous, fabulous idea! I didn’t get a chance to stop by last week and tell you thanks for linking up with us at Throwback Thursday, I always read each one, but I ran out of time to comment! 🙂


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