Large Family Meal Planning Week 231

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I am convinced that starting your week off with a meal plan, makes everything so much smoother!

How is meal planning coming along for you so far this year? Are you a bigger family looking for large family meal plan ideas?


This week our grocery bill was under $70. I am so grateful. While we still have four of our freezer meals that we prepped last Sunday in the freezer, I am saving the three that are left. This week I am using up frozen leftovers and shopping in my pantry.

Large Family Meal Plan

Lentil Taco Soup– do you remember the lentil tacos I made earlier this month? I doubled the recipe so I have a ton frozen. I am going to use them in place of hamburger meat and make taco soup. Smart, right? Lentil are so affordable. I will make cornbread to go with it.

Spaghetti and Meat Sauce– this was requested by Luke, one of our 11 year old twins. Such an easy recipe. I only had to buy two meats this week- ground Italian pork for this recipe and pepperonis for homemade pizza. Yay for low grocery bills!

Baked Frito Pie– this is a carry over from last week. I have enough leftover chili in the freezer from earlier this month to make another meal. I will thaw it and add the bean and meat chili to a 9×13 pan. Then top with Fritos. Then top with shredded cheese and bake. Yum! (And we have a chili cook-off this Sunday at church. We will be chili’ed out. Such a great way to end the winter months!

Homemade Pizza Night– when I was a kid every other Thursday night was a treat. It was my mother’s payday and she would make homemade pizza. We were on a super strict budget grown up and this was a real treat. For years I did homemade pizza night with my boys but over the last few years we have really gotten away from it. Luke requested it this week (he always has lots of input about the grocery shopping, which I love). We will make one cheese and one pepperoni pizza using refrigerator pizza dough and do it sheet pan style. You can also make dough and divide it up and let everyone make a personal pizza. That is always super fun.

Bean and Cheese Burritos– I have two larger cans of refried beans I have to use up because they expire in a few months. I am going to use them to make bean and cheese burritos. I love to use the flour tortillas that come raw and you heat them up on the stove. Super good, filling and cheap.

Leftover Buffet– use ’em up!! If we do not have any leftovers we will make pancakes or grilled cheeses.


Give Freezer Meals a Try

What is on your meal plan this week? If you missed our freezer meal assembly where we made 7 freezer meals in less than an hour, you can watch it here.

We make it super easy to get started with this pack that includes recipes, grocery list and assembly for seven meals.


New to meal planning?

Years ago I wrote a guide on how to get started in five simple steps. It has been downloaded over 20,000 times by busy parents and people who want to get dinner on the table for their family. It’s a game changer. Learn how to meal plan in five simple steps.







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