Letter of the Week Snack: C is for Car

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Hi, everyone!  I am Chrissy from The Taylor House, I am so excited to be here at Crystal & Comp to share some fun Letter snack ideas with you.  This is our third week of our Letter of the Week Snack ideas for preschoolers and I hope that you have loved the fun snack ideas that we have come up with and continue to check back each week to find a new and inspiring snack.   

Letter of the weeksnacks are a great way to start introducing letters to your kids at a young age by sharing the alphabet with them in a fun and unique way.  What child wouldn’t love having snacks like these?

Another great idea is to use these snack ideas in your kids classrooms.  Are they responsible for taking a group snack occasionally?  Have them coordinate there snack with the letter they are learning that week.  I think a teacher would love this idea. 

Today I am sharing a snack with the letter C and have created a fun little car.  Here are the instructions on how to make one yourself. 


How to Make the Letter of the Week Car Snack

Materials you will need:

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Toothpicks


Letter of the week step by step tutorial

Step 1 – Cut your apple into wedges



Step 2 – Cut your Grapes in half to make the wheels


Step 3 – Stick a toothpick through the apple to use to attach your grapes on the car.


That’s it!  You have a fun little Car looking snack for your kids to enjoy!  Such an easy idea and my boys loved them! 

letter of the week



  • Use different fruits for the car body like oranges, pears, etc.
  • Try other options for the wheels like cookies or green grapes
  • Add a raisin on the front with peanut butter for the steering wheel

You can also find Letter of the Week Crafts here at Crystal & Comp to coordinate with your Letter of the Week Snacks.

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  1. The link to the E snack either takes you to the C or T snack. Is there a way a I can get a copy of the E snack? thanks.

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