Who Else Wants Nature STEM Ideas with Boy Appeal

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Who is looking for awesome Nature STEM ideas for you to do with your boys?

These STEM activities were hand-picked to make sure they had plenty of boy appeal. Getting boys out in nature and learning about science is a worthwhile pursuit. You just have to make sure the activity fits the boy.

I write about all types of activities for boys and hope you enjoy this list.

Awesome STEM activities for boys done in nature. If you want to get your boys learning, head outside and try some of these awesome science-based activities.

Hands-on Nature STEM Ideas

STEM is all about science, technology, engineering and math.  Today we are leaving the technology behind and getting out into nature to play and learn with science, math and engineering.  Sometimes is it nice to leave the tech inside!

Use the activities below to engage your boys. Let them get dirty and explore. Make sure you leave plenty of time for them to work on these activities.

1. Make a giant worm investigation tower. I guarantee this will be viewed for many days and weeks to come.

2. Learn all about dirt with a sediment jar.

3. Do this colorful experiment to show that ants have a transparent abdomen. So. Cool!

4. Try these insect investigation ideas. This is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers but older boys will enjoy it just as much.

5. Take a closer look at pond water. If you have a pond or other body of water around, go get some water from it and take a look at what you discover.

6. Make a soda bottle ant farm. This is a really neat way to observe ants. This is a different way to do an ant farm. We are totally trying it and I hope you do too.

Nature STEM activities for boys that they are going to love. You know, the kind with worms, ants, dirt, mud and water.

7. Let them choose a variety of seeds, plant them and use the free nature observation sheet to log their results. Letting them pick their own seeds adds to the delight of watching them grow.

8. Make bricks out of mud to build a small house for a toad (or gnome.) Plan ahead for this activity as it takes some time. You will need mud, sun, and a plan (draw out your own!) for a small building.

9. Find out what causes an earthquake with this hands-on dirt filled activity. Love this one! It is a great way for boys to really “see” what an earthquake looks like. Be prepared for some dirt flying!

There are so many awesome ways to incorporate STEM activities into your boy’s life. I hope you and your boys enjoy playing, and learning, in nature!

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