Pretty Boy Names That Start With A

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Together my husband and I have eight boys. It’s been fun naming them.

Some of our boys have strong names. Some of them might even be considered cute boy names.

When it comes to baby boy names in the US, quite a few of the most popular names begin with the letter A. One of our boys has an A first name and one of our boys has an A middle name.  I also have a grandson whose middle name starts with an A. 

According to the 2018 U.S. Social Security Baby Name Index, 11 of the top 100 baby boy names begin with A. If you’re looking for a popular, classic, or unusual boy’s name that begins with the first letter of the alphabet, here are some choices to consider. We have come up with a list of pretty boy names that start with A

Ready for the list…. 

Trendy Baby Names that Start with A 

Aiden/Aidan/Ayden- Names ending in the “aden” suffix are hot right now (Caden, Jayden, Brayden), and there’s no name more trendy than Aiden itself. In 2018, Aiden was #30, Aidan was #44, and Ayden was #119– and that’s not counting more unusual spellings like Aden or Aadan. Aiden is derived from a Greek name that means “flame.”

Andrew- Andrew didn’t used to be a very popular name in the U.S., but it’s been in the Top 20 since 1979. In 2018, Andrew ranked at #8. Andrew comes from a Greek name that means “manly.”

Anthony– This classically Italian name has been a popular U.S. name for several decades, but it just recently climbed into the Top 10. In 2018, it ranked at #9.
Alexander. Like Anthony, this classic name has been popular for a long time, but it’s recently become more trendy– perhaps fueled by the popularity of female names such as Alexis, Alexa, and Alexandra. In 2018, the name had climbed to #12. Alexander means “protector of men.” The stand-alone name Alex also is a popular choice, at #67 in 2018.

Angel– In the U.S., Spanish names are hot in both the growing Hispanic community and the general population, and Angel has become very trendy at #31.
Austin. Austin’s a bit of a falling star, as it peaked at #9 in 1997. However, it’s still a popular choice at #41. Western city names are big (Phoenix, Dallas, Cheyenne), so Austin probably isn’t riding off into the sunset soon.

Aaron– Like Austin, Aaron is a bit of a falling star too that’s currently at #57. Aaron may be a good alternative for parents who are sick of Aiden. In the Bible, Aaron was the brother of Moses, and the name means “mountain of strength.”

Adrian–  This Latin place name is slowly climbing the charts, and ranked in 2018 at #63.

Adam– The oldest Biblical name was very trendy in the 1980s, then fell down the charts, and now is rising again– up to #64 in 2018.

Avery– Ava and Avery are trendy names for girls, and Avery’s slowly climbing up the chart for boys as well. Avery is a variation of the name Alfred, which means “elf council.”

Classic Baby Boy Names That Start With A

Aurelius (Latin) means “Golden son”
Aleksander (Polish) means “Defender” (I love this spelling)
Aleksei (Russian) means “Brilliant”
Aiden (Irish) means “Fiery spirit”

Unusual Baby Boy Names That Start With The Letter A

Asher– This Biblical name is slowly becoming more popular and may become trendy in years to come, since the female names Ashley and Ashlyn are so popular. When parents learn the meaning of this name, it may be hard for them to resist: Asher means “happy” and “blessed.” The unrelated name Ashton is fairly popular at #121.
Axel– Previously obscure in the United States, this Hebrew name is quickly climbing the charts. It means “father is peace.”
Ari– Short and simple, this unusual Hebrew name means “lion.” Ariel (which is both a girl’s name and a boy’s name) means “God’s lion.”
Asa–  Another short and simple name that’s rarely used, Asa is derived from an Aramaic name that means “healer.”
August–  Looking for a unique name that conveys strength? This month name is from a Latin name that means “revered.” (LOVE this name! Perfect for a unique baby.)
Amir– Popular in the Arabic speaking world, Amir is slowly becoming more common in the United States. In Arabic, the name means “prince,” and in Hebrew, the same name means “treetop.”

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  1. All the names list is great. Lots of option in this list. Adam always a great choice for baby boy. Oldest name in the planet.

  2. I clicked on this post in the link up because I thought it would be interesting to read and also to have some names to suggest to my children who are planning their families. Thanks for sharing the list and some great names. #HomeMattersParty

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