10 Baby Boy Names That Are On The Rise

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We’ve all heard of the classic baby names that never go out of style, but some cute baby boy names can be fun too!

Many of these names are trending and increasing in popularity. While some of these name might be new to you,  others are vintage and are making a comeback. If you’re looking to name your son something trendy, select a baby name that’s rising in popularity.

And while you’re here, check out our list of 75 cute boy names that have been on our top list for years. 

Cutest Trending Boy Names

1. Beckham
You’ve probably heard of David Beckham, but have you met a baby boy named Beckham? This masculine name bumped up 39 places in popularity last year, with Beckham now being the 270th most popular boy name of 2019. Beckham is an English name that means “homestead on the stream.”

2. Grayson
This is the 15th most popular baby name for boys in 2019, with a rank increase of 6 points since last year. The English name means “son of a steward.” Once the name picked up popularity in 1996, it hasn’t gone out of style. In 2018, 4,390 boys were named Grayson for every 1 million that were born.

3. Isaiah
This Biblical name is on the rise! Isaiah is a Hebrew name meaning “salvation of the lord,” and is the 38th most popular name for baby boys this year. This ranking is 9 points higher than last year.

4. Maxim
You might not have heard of this name because it is only the 1,102nd most popular baby boy name this year. However, it spiked in popularity by 100 points since last year! This Latin name translates to “great,” and its popularity has been wavering in recent years. Right now, it’s on the rise.

5. Arthur

Although the name Arthur peaked in the 1890’s, it’s making a comeback. It’s the 183rd most popular name for boys this year, a ranking 21 places higher than last year. Although this English name means “bear,” your family might associate it with King Arthur or the 21st U.S. President, Chester A. Arthur.

6. Clayton
Clayton has moved up 4 points in popularity since last year, making it the 288th most popular name for newborn boys in 2019. The name first became popular around 1996, took a nosedive, and is now moving up the ranks again. Disney fanatics might associate Clayton with the hit film, Tarzan.

7. Declan
Looking for a traditional Irish name for your baby boy? Declan is the 101st most popular boy name right now, which is a slight increase from last year. The name means “full of goodness” or “man of prayer,” and is a nod to St. Declan, founder of a monastery in Ireland.

8. Roman
This Latin name moved up 7 points on lists of most popular baby names, and it now sits as the 70th most popular for boys. Its popularity has spiked since 1995, but was used less commonly in the 1910’s.

9. Omar
This Arabic name for “flourishing” has climbed in popularity rankings by 8 points since last year. The 136th most popular masculine baby name peaked in 2007, but first got noticed in the late 1970’s.

10. Damian
Damian, alternatively spelled as Damien, is a Greek name meaning “tamer.” It’s the 105th most popular baby name for boys this year, an increase of 8 points from last year. Damian is on the rise, but this is not the first time the name has spiked in popularity. It also saw a spike in the 1970’s.

Whether you’re looking for something cultural, Biblical, historical, or completely unique, there’s a cute baby baby name for your little one! Explore names that might not be popular right now, but have the potential to spike in just a few years. No matter what you name your son, give him a name he’ll be proud of!

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