20 Games Kids Can Play in the Snow

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Let’s Play, but all opinions are my own.

Do you anticipate the winter time? My kids adore this time of year where they get to go outside and enjoy the changing season, cooler weather, and embark on a journey they can make all their own.

Playing outside has really become something my boys enjoy. Rain, shine, or snow, they are determined and ready with solutions and ideas for hours of play!

These are such important moments in our kids’ lives. I love watching them set out on a journey right in our own backyard with hours of exploring and fun. It is like they step into a whole new world. It is in these moments that I admire my kids’ creativity and often times reflect on my own childhood moments of play.

As a child, we played with even the simplest of things from boxes to rocks. It was easy and fun and there was always a place for everyone. We too enjoyed the outdoors, no matter the season or time of year There is something about being outdoors and playing during the winter season.  I’m committed to my role as a Play Ambassador with Let’s Play, an initiative by Dr Pepper Snapple Group that provides kids and families with the tools, places and inspiration to make active play a daily priority! Head on over to LetsPlay.com to check out five more ways for kids to play in the snow.

My boys simply cannot wait until we get our first snow. It is an exciting thing for kids. There are so many ways for kids to get out and enjoy the snow this year. Check out these super fun ways to play in the snow this winter!

20 snow games for kids (1)

20 Snow Games for Kids of all Ages

1. Load up Mr. Potato Head and his accessories for this funny version of Potato Heads in the Snow. Happy Hooligans

2. Your kids will love the idea of making Snow Ice Cream with the snow right from outside! Housing A Forest

3. Let your toddlers enjoy in the snow time fun with this Winter Letter Play Activity that will have them searching for letters in the snow! Sugar Aunts

4. Build your own snow station with this How To Build An Igloo Tutorial! Your Modern Family

5. You can easily have some art fun with this Snow Spray Painting idea that is perfect fun for kids. Mama Papa Bubba

6. Create your own Snow Sensory Bin that can be hours of hands on fun for kids of all ages! Happy Hooligans

7. Your kids can really have some active fun in a snowball fight with this Snow Fling and easier way to throw your snowball!

8. You kids can always enjoy some sledding with this Fold Up Ski Skooter that is so cool!

9. With this kid sized Snow Shovel your little ones can dig and dig to create their own snow surprises!

10. Criss cross sticks and pine cones can be used for a friendly game of Tic Tac Toe Snow that is super fun for kids Parents

11. Your kids can Color the Snow With Spray Bottles as an easy and fun way to  have fun with snow. Hands On As We Grow

12. Let the kids Make An Outdoor Snow Kitchen where they can cook up and pretend with snow. Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

13. The whole family can join in with a Snowy Obstacle Course with these fun ideas for stations! The Inspired Treehouse

14. Why not make your own Ice Sculptures made by your kids for your front yard. Happy Hooligans

15. If you have a crows of boys they will love this Cars and Ramps Activity for the snow. Inspiration Laboratories

16. Break out those cookie cutters and other fun cooking utensils to make this Snow Patterns Activity fun. Sugar Aunts

17. Who wouldn’t want to make a Snow Volcano! Oh so cool! Classy Clutter

18. Put a twist on building snowmen and make a Snow Critter where your kiddo can build up their favorite animal. Babble

19. Make an educational run in the snow and play some Letter Learning Snowball Toss that is perfect for outside. How Wee Learn

20. Your kids will love these Ice Balloons that freeze right out in the snow just use balloons and food coloring. Queen Vanna


snow activities for kids


What are your and your kids planning for out in the snow this year? Share your ideas!

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  1. It’s in the 70’s here, so no playing in the snow . . . yet. 🙁 We’re having crazy weather here in SC, but when it does snow, I’m going to try some of these games with the grandkids. The Ice Balloons sound like fun.

  2. These look like so much fun! My kids cannot wait for the snow to start falling. It has been a pretty mild Winter so far so I have no idea when it will start to snow!

  3. So many fun ideas here! Now, if only it would snow…the weather patterns over the past few years have changed so much that I’m always left wondering (it usually goes from rain to ice with no time to play lately). Saving with fingers crossed!

  4. Ooh, what a fun post! I totally cannot wait until we get some REAL snow here in Northern NJ. We only got a dusting last night, sadly.

  5. I really can’t believe that we haven’t had any snow yet! I live in Buffalo so we’ve usually have feet by now! My girls are looking forward to snowmen.

  6. These are great games to play in the snow. I will have to share this with my friend. Now that we finally have some snow i know her little ones are excited to go out and play in it.

  7. Who knew that there were so many games to play in the snow? I just love that the snow has finally arrived and the kids can play outside. Great post.

  8. Where I grew up we didnt have snow so all these games are somehow new to me and now living in a country is a must I must learn some of these before I have kids

  9. Look at all these games in the snow! The 3 things i ever did in the snow growing up was snowball fights, building a snowman and snow angels!

  10. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This picture is an adorable one indeed and playing in the snow is all we did as kids. We are lucky to have grow up in the U.P. of Michigan where we get tons of snow and winters last up to around 7 months. My kids are grown man but we will be going sledding this weekend. Even though we are all grow it is still fun to going sledding.

  11. Nothing beats building a snowman and a snow ball fight. 1 Problem though – we still do not have any snow! Missing the snow very much this year.

  12. What fun! We just got our first snowfall of the year yesterday and the evening before so my kids are DYING to get out there into the snow and play!

  13. Yona Williams says:

    We just got enough snow a couple days ago where you could take the sled out. It was COLD! I’ve always wanted to build an igloo – we haven’t done that yet.

  14. Now I want snow even more. 🙂 It’s been a little arm here and rainy…very rainy. We have had a lot of flooding. The kids have been wanting snow since before Christmas but all we go was RAIN. 🙂 I will be sure to keep this handy for if we ever get snow or even use a few of them in out muddy back yard. Mud sculptures and Tic Tac mud actually sound kinda fun. 🙂

  15. Great list! It’s just started snowing here in Boston and we are going to need some great ideas to get through another winter out here.

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