STEM Activities for Intermediate Age Kids

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Aren’t you impressed with the abundance of STEM activities we have shared for kids of all age groups?

There are so many fun things for kids to do that involve STEM and they don’t even know they are learning some really awesome things in the process. As the kiddos get older the STEM activities really take a more in depth turn and are super cool! Check out some of these great STEM Activities for kids who are 5th grade and up that I know your child will love!

STEM activities for intermediate age kids

STEM Activities for 5th Grade & Up

1. Assemble your own models with this fun LEGO Birds Model Kit that are so detailed!

2. Learning all about Electricity and Magnetism is really cool with this kit that explores the relationship between the two.

3. Build all kinds of electronic devices including your own alarm with this Snap Circuits Electronic Discovery Kit.

4. Support the exploration of the Earth in this Earth Lab Kit that explains energy and sustainable life.

5. Conduct experiments and identify chemicals with this First Chemistry Set.

6. Engage in experiments and games and invite the whole family with fun Magnetic Science.

7. This Biology Microscope sets the foundation for science learning where kids can prepare their own slides and examine microscopically.

8. Flex your brain with this crossword style numbers game of Sumoku that really works on developing better math skills.

9. Gravity Maze is the perfect marble and logic game all in one with 60 amazing challenges.

10. The inspiration of this Archaeology Pyramid Dig is super cool with an individualized dig and model.

11. Your child can learn the physics of roller coasters with this K’nex Roller Coaster Kit.

5th grade STEM

12. Sharpen those math skills through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with this Math Dice Tournament.

13. Construct a Water Rocket and see how it flies with this super cool rocket kit.

14. This Wooden Trebuchet Kit comes with all of the things needed for a catapult and it will launch up to 30 feet!

15. This Math Magic Kit is great for developing stronger math skills with neat tricks and speed calculations your child will have their audience amazed.

16. Learn about life cycles, biology, and lots of other marine life details with this Toyops Deluxe Triops Kit.

17. Explore the operations of gravity with this Magnetic Levitator that creates an appearance of floating.

18. Your child can become an active scientific explorer with this Electronics and Circuitry Activity Kit.

Do you have a fun STEM activity for the older kiddos? Share your ideas!


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  1. I have to admit I had never heard of STEM before so wasn’t too sure what it was. But educational toys are a huge hit and a great thing to look into leading up to Christmas. My 5 year old is a LEGO addict and will do entire boxes following the instructions all by herself, we have lighthouses and aeroplanes, I even buy her the 7/12 year old sets now. Love the toy ideas you have. Microscope is super cool and I’m sure 1000 x better than the ones we used to get for Christmas as kids.. I remember educational toys being those plastic bug catchers haha.

  2. I don’t have kids, but all of those look like a lot of fun! I used to love legos as a kid. Unfortunately I see too many kids that are all about the video games and phones and tablets-they don’t do anything creative or building again. It’d be nice to encourage more things like this in the kids I know and am related to-building is such a good little soil for their brains.

  3. These are really great activities – most would be perfect for my nine year old. She would especially love the microscope (so would my older daughter!). I think it’s important to still buy toys and activities that encourage STEM learning as kids get older. It can never hurt to reinforce these concepts and ways of thinking!

  4. I love how each age group is broke down this is very nice. Stem is becoming very popular among kids and schools these days. I know they even created a school for just that in my area too.

  5. I hadn’t heard of STEM activities before reading your post. I will definitely be sharing this information with my many friends who have children as my daughter is 25 now. All of their activities look fun and educational. Thank you for sharing!

  6. These are great, I’ve been thinking about possibly homeschooling so I love seeing stuff like this. The STEM activities are right up my alley as well since I’m a Chemistry teacher. 🙂

  7. This is such a wonderful and very helpful post! It comes in a good time too as I am thinking of ideas what to get my nieces and nephews. I avoided the black Friday toy deals because I was really looking for toys that were education and looks like STEM meets that requirements!

  8. You have a great lineup of STEM activities. Activities that are educational are wonderful, but those that focus on Science, Math and Technology really help a child think outside the box. My daughter asked for a microscope and lab coat last year and she uses it all the time. I think I would like to get one of the electriciity sets for my girls this year!

  9. I love these gift ideas! I would rather give a gift of something that pushes the kids to learn hands on then just electronics. I think that the microscope would be a ton of fun to play with.

  10. These are some great activities. I have two daughters and one is in preschool and the other is in 1st grade. They would love a lot of these activities. We’ve done a volcano before, and they absolutely loved that! There are so many fun things to do with them.

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