Easy DIY Time Telling Memory Game

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Do you know what STEM activities are?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering or math. These are amazing ways for children to grow and learn academically.

Let me just tell ya, with this house full of boys we love, love, love STEM crafts, projects, creations and learning!

We made a super fun DIY Time Telling Memory Game that you can make too this summer. It was super easy to make and costs pennies in supplies and about 15 minutes of my time to create.

(Have you seen all of our activities for kids that we have here on Crystal & Co.?)

telling time memory game



Today we are over the Sylvan website sharing step by step how to create this game. Your kids will have hours of fun playing this out in the backyard!

The activity uses items you will already have on hand. I love that the game can be customized depending on where your kids are with their time telling skills. If you need to start with cards that only include the top of the hour that is a great place to start. As skills progress, move on the a quarter after the hour, half past the hour and a quarter until the hour.

Here is a super quick video showing you how we played!


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