Love Bug Rocks

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Summer is in full force for us in Texas and we are having to spend more time inside.  The temperature has been in the 90s all week and the kids are going a little stir crazy some days.  We have been having to find  summer activities for kids to do indoors during the day to keep them busy.

A few weeks ago, before the summer heat set in, we went on a wildflower adventure.  For the most part the kids only picked flowers, but my son decided to fill his pockets with rocks.  We took the rocks home with us and created love bugs!

This project is perfect for kids in general but especially awesome if you’re looking for summer activities for preschoolers!

summer activity for kids: love bug rocks

I love crafts like our love bug rocks because we are able to re-purpose something we would normally discard.  Plus, its an inexpensive activity for kids that will keep them entertained for awhile.

painted rocks

To make your own love bug rocks you will need:

  • Rocks (any shape or size)
  • Paint and brushes
  • Google-y eyes (found in any craft store)

Not only is this an inexpensive craft, its also simple.  Just paint your rocks, wait for them to dry and add your eyes.

If you are looking for more things to do outside with rocks, try these fun rock activities!

rows of painted rocks

This was the perfect craft for a hot summery day.  We let the kids (I have a 2 and 3 year old) paint the rocks and get as messy as they liked.  We tossed them in the tub afterwards, which also allowed the rocks to dry.  We added the eyes and the kids had new ‘toys’ to play with!

 how to make a pet rock

These little guys were such a hit at our house!  My daughter even named them.

We are going to have to find other things to create indoors this summer because I know the temperatures are going to keep rising.  And the more crafts that we can re-purpose from old items, the happier this momma (and her wallet!) will be.

Another fun spin that you could do is create an affirmation rocks craft for kids. This is a great way to be creative and mindful all at the same time!

Kelley is the mastermind in charge of her family.   She loves to spend time crafting, cooking and making her kids laugh. She believes she was destined to be a comedian but has put her stand up dreams on hold to raise her two kids. She blogs about her family at and often entertains her readers with her wise cracks.


  1. Candy @ Candypolooza says:


  2. So cute! We recently painted rocks, but I love the addition of the googly eyes. I’ll have to try this next time we paint rocks because I’m sure my kids would love it!

    1. Isn’t that fun, Katie!?

      Thanks so much for stopping by and I would love to see how your love bugs turn out.

  3. Oh so CUTE Crystal!! I need to make some with my girls!!

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality last week!

  4. Love the eyes! My son keeps bringing rocks home so now I have more ideas what to do with them!

    1. Aren’t the eyes just too cute?!? Thanks for stopping by.

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