Summer Activities for Kids: Wildflower Picking

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Since summer is right around the corner, I’m going to be sharing a few summer activities for kids the next few weeks.

My kids love any activity that involves being outside, even the simplest things like blowing bubbles and chasing butterflies entertains them.

I enjoy being able to let them loose to burn off all that energy before naps or bed time.

Its also nice to do things together as a family and enjoy nature.  Even the smallest activity, like wildflower picking, can make the best adventure.
Summer Activities for Kids wildflower picking

Its nice to just watch the kids run around outside but on this particular day we had a task to complete.

We needed to collect as many wildflowers as possible.  So we went on a wildflower hunt.

Take your kids on a wildflower trip

My daughter loves to pick the flowers that grow around our yard and I love that she gives me little bouquets.

She would pick a handful and then hand them to me before running off to grab another bunch.

My son would pick flowers but also started his own collection of rocks, sticks and anything else that he was able to shove in his pockets.

summer fun activity wildflower picking

We are lucky and have a large front yard so there is plenty space for the kids to run and explore.

A park or a nature trail will also work for wildflower picking.

Both kids had a blast finding flowers in the front yard and came inside ready to relax.

Summer activity for kids pick a bunch of wildflowers

It may be a simple activity for kids but it sure was fun!  Plus, I got a pretty nice bouquet of flowers from my wildflower pickers and enjoyed some fresh air outside.  I foresee us spending a lot more time outside this summer.

Be sure to come back next week for another fun summer activity for kids and check out our list of 80+ Free or Inexpensive Summer Activities for Kids.

Do you have a favorite summer activity?

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