Easy Leaf Garland Craft for Kids

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In our house we are in full Thanksgiving craft mode.  We’ve been making all sorts of easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids…from turkeys made from paper rolls to DIY turkey napkin rings.  This is one of our favorite seasons.


The kid’s crafts sure do show it!  This Thanksgiving garland craft is perfect for fall decorating and filling your home with signs of the season…kids craft style!  
My daughter enjoyed each step of this craft, from the painting to the glitter.  And now she loves to see it up on our shelf among photos of our family. 
We love to create crafts and activities that use recycled materials and this one was no exception.  This festive garland was made from an item that was headed out to the recycle bin.  With a little learning component added in, this Thanksgiving garland was a fun and easy way to explore colors, shapes, and textures.
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We wanted to come up with a festive fall décor item that the kids would love. 

I started out by grabbing up a cereal box from the recycle bin and drawing some quick fall leaf shapes. 

The stamp was a new kitchen sponge cut into different shapes.  We had a square shape, a triangle, and a rectangle. 

We talked about the things we are thankful for while we painted our leaves.  It would be fun to write those things and peoples names right on the leaves so that the writing would show from under the paint.  We got a little ahead of ourselves and skipped that step, oops!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft
Before the paint dried, Big Sister sparkled up our leaves with this gorgeous brown glitter.


We let the paint and glitter dry for a few hours and then shook off the excess glitter.


I cut the leaves out and we were ready for the next step.
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft
Big Sister and I pulled pieces of two-sided tape and stuck each leaf to a clothes pin.


Big Sister is a HUGE tape fan, so this may have been her favorite part of the whole craft!
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft

Once all of the leaves were taped to clothes pins, Big Sister clipped them onto a length of red yarn.  Pinching clothes pins is such a great fine motor activity for hand strength.  Pinching them along the yard was pretty fun, too!  

Our leaf garland is decorating a picture ledge in our dining room and we’ve been loving the extra fall touch that this craft brings to the room.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

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Easy Leaf Garland Craft for Kids

Easy Leaf Garland Craft for Kids

This easy leaf garland is a super fun way to create a fall decoration that your kids will be proud of.


  • sponge
  • cereal box
  • paint (2-3 colors)
  • glitter
  • clothespins
  • 5-6 feet of yarn


  • scissors
  • marker
  • two-sided tape or hot glue


  1. Flatten out an old cereal box wit the inside facing up.
  2. Using the marker draw on different leaf shapes.
  3. Cut a sponge into different sizes for the paint.
  4. Using the sponge pieces paint by dabbing the colors of your choice into the leaf shapes. You can overlap the colors of paint if you would like.
  5. Sprinkle the wet paint with glitter.
  6. Allow to dry completely.
  7. Once completely dry, cutout the leaf shapes.
  8. Using a dab of hot glue or double sided tape fasten each leaf cutout to a clothespin.
  9. Clip the clothespin onto the strong of yarn.
  10. Hang where you like.


  1. So cute. I just made a leaf garland for my mantel too. I cheated and used store bought leaves but this crafty idea is a great way to get the kids involved. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Isn’t it adorable? I just love it. I really love that it is made out of old cereal boxes.

  2. This is awesome! Great fine motor activity and I love how it involves a few different steps – great for working on sequencing and organization! Thanks for the idea!

    1. I agree- great fine motor skill building. I just love it. I especially love that was created using old cereal boxes.

      Honored that the Sugar Aunts shared it here.

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