5 Ways to Build Confidence In Your Child

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My son is playing football this year in middle school. He is excited, he is determined, he is dedicated. As a mom I am his biggest fan. I know what he is capable of and to me, he is the best! I identify myself as his biggest cheerleader and fan club. All is right in the world when we beam from the exceptional and talented behavior of our children and they smile right back knowing the simplicity of our love for them.

We all look at our children and imagine their potential, imagine their ability, and promote their success.

Our children are what we live for. We idolize them in a sense as being smaller characters of us. We believe in them. What if they don’t believe in themselves? These are serious struggles that many of you may be having.

Encouraging confidence is essential for children. Confidence provides a foundation for self-esteem, social happiness, and the feeling of worthiness. Confidence is so incredibly important that it ultimately defines the security your child has with themselves as they grow and venture out into the great big world.

how to build confidence in children


5 Ways To Build Confidence In Your Child

1. Exhibit personal self-confidence. Children recognize the deficiencies of character. If a parent is exhibiting a lack of confidence then how are they to encourage confidence in the child? Healing yourself is an initial step toward being the best influence possible for your child.

2. Practice Attachment. Attachment between parent and child founds a lifelong relationship. Just because they grow out of the cute baby stage and are now smelly teenagers doesn’t mean the hugs and affection should be lacking. They are just done on different terms. Let your kids know how you feel about them.

3. Compliment your child’s character. Children often times develop a sense of self and perception depending on what others think. Ensure your child thoughts matter. Recognize feelings and emotion through behavior and establish the value of how they think, act, or present themselves. This could be a compliment of humor, silliness, fun, and intelligence. This creates the potential for your child to feel better and perceive themselves positively.

4. Commit to an endless level of encouragement. Sometimes kids need a push to get things going. Recognize their interests and encourage them to go after them with praise and support. Encourage them to try new things and sometimes this even peaks their interests into to things they never would have known they have skills at. Encouragement is key. A child beings believing from encouragement.

5. Allow for choices and assistance. Kids who are allowed to make choices according to their age helps build self-esteem. Letting them help around the house and praising their abilities accomplished is most certainly a boost toward their confidence.

raising confident children

Building a child’s self esteem is not an easy task. It is a try, try again process. It requires dedication and an ability to overcome the negatives your child may express and the power to build their strength in character. Dedicate yourself to this today and watch the amazing changes.

Do you have a child that struggles with confidence? Praise your child and share your thoughts!


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