10 Things I Love About Independent George

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  1. They are a local cover band.
  2. They are dads, husbands and professionals by day and rockers by night.
  3. They rock out to Aerosmith. What is your favorite- Love in an Elevator?
  4. They are playing tonight at Sneaky Pete’s in Lewisville.
  5. The name of their band is clever. Super clever. Watch the Seinfeld video.
  6. They make me want to dance and get a room movin’!
  7. They played at my husband’s high school reunion and you can book them too!
  8. I love to hear them play this song.
  9. The lead singer reminds me of Ty Pennington. Random, I know.
  10.  Perfect girls night out or date night. Here is a list of their upcoming shows.

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