16 Twitter Tips for Bloggers

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You’ve got your blog going.

You’ve implemented the 20 blogging tips I shared a few weeks ago.

Now you want to tackle Twitter, don’t you?

Twitter is one of the best social media outlets for connecting with other bloggers as well as brands and companies. While Twitter is not my top referring social media outlet, it has certainly allowed me to build some amazing relationships and connections which have brought me some great opportunities.

I want to help you figure Twitter out and I know it can be very overwhelming.

Top 16 Tips for Using Twitter as a Blogger

  1. Have a Twitter user name that is relevant to your site name. If you are Crystalandcomp on Twitter and the name of your site is Mom to 5 Boys.com, people may not realize you are the same person. Make it easy for people (companies, readers, fellow bloggers) to mentally associate your tweets to your blog.
  2. Have a Twitter follow icon on your site, preferably above the fold, where your readers can click to follow you on Twitter. Do not make your readers or brands work to follow you. Make it easy, with the click of a button. Evaluate some of the top blogs/sites that you follow. Where are their social networking buttons placed in their site? I am willing to bet they are above the fold.
  3. Wanting to know how to use Twitter effectively?  Here is an excellent article about Twitter Best Practices, written by Gail over at GrowMap.
  4. Wondering who is following you back and who is not? Wonder how many Twitter followers you may have lost recently? Who Unfollowed Me is an excellent site for tracking this information. They have a free version and a very affordable paid version.
  5. Twitter only allows 140 characters on each update. Use Bit.ly to shorten a link when sharing a post from your blog, for example. Side note, Bit.ly is also trackable so you can see how many people click-through on your link as well. Here is an example of how I used Bit.ly to keep a Twitter update under 140 characters while including a URL: RT @crystalandcomp is giving away a #free copy of #TotallyTogether by  @stephanieodea. Mange your household with ease! http://bit.ly/pn1csc
  6. Use hashtags. Hashtags are a way for people to search for tweets by topic. So, if you are offering a giveaway, for example, use hashtags like #win, #free, #giveaway in a tweet that is promoting this giveaway. This way, people who like to win free stuff can do a search for those hashtags and your tweet will show up in the results even if they do not follow you on Twitter. It is all about exposure, baby!
  7. Use TweetReach! I just learned about this service last month. The brilliant Holly Homer of June Cleaver Nirvana and Business2Blogger  shared this tool with me. There is a paid version and a free version, but basically this is a tool that allows you to track the exposure and reach of your tweets. Excellent for providing metrics to brands you are promoting them on Twitter.
  8. Watch this video from Holly Homer where she goes into 8 minutes of detail telling us How Twitter Can Help Us Work With Brands. Did I mention she is brilliant?
  9. Start a Twitter Networking Group. How? Find friends on Twitter that are in your niche. Maybe they blog about crafts like you do. Maybe they are a mom, like you are. Maybe they are a foodie, like you. Follow them. Do some tweeting back and forth. Work it, baby, work it. Repeat with others in your niche. Then ask 5-10 of them to join a Twitter RT Group with you. Basically everyone submits a couple of tweets each day and each person in the group retweets each others tweets. It is like the cherry on top of  the cherry on top, and networking. My friend Kelli did this and it has worked beautifully!
  10. Are you on WordPress? Install the plugin TweetMeme. Once installed, it will display a button on each blog post.   Now, your readers can easily tweet your posts. Their followers now see your post. They come over. They read. Another cherry on top.
  11. Hop over to Tip Junkie and read this awesome post about How Twitter Works, ’cause I know you’re wondering.
  12. Use Twaitter to schedule tweets. It is free. Say you are working with a brand and you want to give them lots of  Twitter exposure. Schedule 2-3 tweets a day for a week about their products. They will notice.
  13. Check to see who is mentioning you. Use the @mentions button on the home screen when logged into your Twitter account.   Then, respond to them or tell them thanks for the mention. This will build relationships.
  14. Consider having your Twitter background designed to match or coordinate with your blog design. Branding, baby. When people think of your site, you want your brand to stick with them. Be it a logo, your face, the colors used on your site, be as consistent as possible.
  15. I am told Twitter is most active Tuesday and Thursday from 10a – 2p. Try to be as active during this time frame as possible. And if you are unavailable during that time frame on those days, schedule tweets for that time frame.
  16. RT anything you see that will be of value to your readers. The person you RT’ed will likely stop by and RT something of yours. Or at least mention you and say thank you, which gives you exposure.

Have questions? I will try my hardest to answer them. Share them in the comments below so everyone can learn!


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  1. Great post! This makes me think I should change my twitter name back to eatathome. hmmm…

    1. Angie, while there is a cap on the number of characters allowed for your Twitter user name, I think if it matches your site name it really helps you. Not only area you branding, but you’re also making it easier for your readers to associate you to your tweets.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this info! Great stuff! I have really been forcing myself to learn about Twitter the last few weeks. I can see that it really is an amazing resource for bloggers!
    Thank you!

    1. Cyndy- For me, Twitter was pretty overwhelming at first. I struggled to really figure out a way to not only work it into my blogging routine but I hated that I could only share 140 characters at a time. With that said, over time I have really figured out the purpose of Twitter in relation to how I want to use it to connect with others while I share my site. And now it really works for me.

      Glad you’re here. Thanks for reading.

    1. So glad you found me Laina. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you find lots of useful information here. 🙂

  3. What a great post Crystal! I saw you listed on Funky Junk Interiors & am now following you. I look forward to exploring your blog, implementing these tips, and sharing them with my Twitter followers!

    I’d love for you to join me at Create With Joy. Today is the last day of my Ellie Krieger The Food You Crave giveaway if you’re interested in healthy, delicious food!

    Have a fabulous day & look forward to getting to know you!

    Twittter: @createwithjoy1

  4. Thanks for these fabulous tips! I’ve use twitter for my site, but I never thought of some of these like using the hash mark. Please stop by http://www.laughloveandcraft.com and link up to my Share the Wealth Wednesday Link Party! I’m your newest follower!

  5. # 11 thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  7. Great post! I learned a couple of things here – thanks for taking the time to post. 🙂

    There is one other thing I do – it has helped keep me from doing double work – but I use Twitterfeed.com to feel my blog to my twitter account using my RSS feed.

    Thanks again!

    1. Agree Melanie. I just started using Twitterfeed last week. Excellent resource. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Erin of HomeSavvyAtoZ.com says:

    Thank you so much for linking up your twitter tutorial at Savvy HomeMade Monday, Crystal! It rocks! I have set aside an hour tomorrow to dedicated to learning all the ins an outs of twitter using your post! Thanks again!

  9. Thank you for these. I’m more of a Facebook gal & I’m always looking for way to more efficiently use Twitter.

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