Books to Read While Your Little One Learns the Letter A

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Are you doing  letter of the week preschool crafts with your little one this school year?  They are so much fun, aren’t they?

I love the idea of taking our craft one step further with a song and a rhyme at the end of each craft. (Check out our letter of the week crafts and you’ll see what I mean.) I also love the idea of adding the books children must read that coordinates with each letter tying everything together.

Here is a list of 21 children’s books that are perfect to read while you’re focusing on the letter A. I pulled together a great collection of books boys and girls both will enjoy. Some of these are classics from our childhood. The next time you head out to the library, take this list with you! (You can click through the links below for author information.)



Here’s a great melted bead apple suncatcher craft tutorial to make when your kids are learning the letter A!

If you see a book I missed that is your favorite, leave it in the comments.

Not covering the letter A yet? No worries, pin this and save it for later!

letter of the week A childrens books21 Books Children Must Read: Letter A

  1. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day– this is a classic from my childhood. Alexander knew it was going to be a bad day when he woke up with gum in his hair….
  2. Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday– does your little one think money will burn a hole in his pocket? Alexander’s grandparents give him a dollar…. see what happens next.
  3. Alligator Shoes– Alvin the Alligator loves to watch people and their shoes. You believe what happens when he gets locked in a shoe store.
  4. Amazing Airplanes– get ready to follow an animal airplane crew! Will you be a strewardist, a pilot, a bag handler? So much fun!
  5. Amelia Bedelia– a classic since the 60s. This a a book a child of any any will enjoy, especially when mom reads it aloud!
  6. Angel Child Dragon Child as a young girl is separated from her family you follow her journey of discovering a new place.
  7. Animal Cafe– a dog and a cat help a human keep his restaurant afloat.
  8. Apple Pie for the 4th of July– as a little girl tried to tell her parents how to run their business a lesson is learned.
  9. Apples Apples Apples– a family of bunnies make a trip to the apple orchard and share some fun facts, a recipe and other super fun activities.
  10. Are You an Ant– track the everyday life of an ant with this book!
  11. Arther’s Eyes– none of Arthurs friends wear glasses. Are four eyes better than two?
  12. Autumn Leaves– do you have a little one who loves leaves? This book covers 13 different types of leaves in North American. Great for a fall scavenger hunt!
  13. Hey Little Ant– what would you do if you found a talking ant?
  14. How Do Apples Grow?– learn how apples grow from bud to fruit.
  15. Johnny Appleseed– a beautiful classic story!
  16. One Hundred Hungry Ants – what would you do if some hungry ants came to sample your picnic?
  17. Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Airport – enjoy a day of discovering the airport!
  18. Ten Apples Up on Top– don’t let the apples drop! It might be harder than you think!
  19. The Biggest Apple Ever– it’s a contest to find the biggest apple ever!
  20. The Icky Sticky Anteater a story about an anteater who does not eat ants….
  21. There is an Alligator Under my Bed– you have to be careful getting in and out of bed!

Here is our A is for Alligator preschool craft and A is for Airplane preschool snack.

Have an awesome week full of learning and fun!

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  1. I would love to suggest “A sick day for Amos McGee” it was our favorite for so long! But overall I really like this list. I must find “Autumn leaves” and give it a read.
    Thanks for sharing!

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