21 Indoor Activities to do with Kids During Bad Weather Days

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Day two of no school.

Day two of indoor activities.

Day two of cabin-fever-crazy-children.

Day two of Momma’s gonna pull her hair out!

Here are some activities that can curb some of the indoor crazies:

1) Indoor hide and go seek.

2) Indoor tag. Until something gets broken.

3) Make hot chocolate.

4) Play your favorite board games.

5) Play the Wii- great for getting out some energy since many of the games are highly interactive. They can play bowling, baseball, golf, dance etc.

6) A game of Charades.

7) Coloring contest.

8) Computer time.

9) Play in the snow for a bit. Be careful of frost-bite and stay as warm as possible.

10) Have a laundry race- see who can fold and hang their pile of laundry the fastest. (And this will get some of your laundry done as well.)

11) Story time.

12) An indoor game of Cowboys and Indians. Did I mention I have all boys? If you have girls you might opt for an indoor tea party?

13) Arts and crafts. Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, water colors, stickers, pasta, and Play-doh can provide some great fun.

14) Bake cookies or your favorite dessert. Try to make it a family fun activity.

15) Make S’mores in the oven or the microwave.

16) Camp out in the living room.

17) Bring the snow inside in bowls and let the kids play with it at the kitchen table. We did this yesterday since the little kids could not handle more than 5 minutes of the weather outside.

18) Help your kids start making the Valentine’s they plan to exchange at school or with friends and family. (Lots of links below to sites with great ideas if you’re needing free printables or a place to start.)

19) Puzzle time! We have a bucket of kiddy puzzles I keep up in the little kids’ closet and they love to get that down and play. You can do a bigger fancier puzzle with bigger kids for hours of fun, too.

20) Check out my list of over 50 sites to find crafty ideas that would be perfect for a day like today!

21) Play football in the living room. (Remember, I have all boys.)

. . . . . . . .

Need some more ideas and inspiration? Below are some great resources for finding fun and crafty ideas.

Skip To My Lou has 10 Valentine Printables that would be super fun to make as well as some other free Valentine Printables for things like candy wrappers and cards

Skip To My Lou also has 10 Classroom Valentine’s you can make now to plan ahead for your classroom exchange. 

Tip Junkie has a great list of ideas for making your own joke book and instruments.

Here is another fun list Tip Junie pulled together of fun activities like button art, playing snow in the bath tub and making cootie catchers.

And yet more from Laurie at Tip Junkie- take these summer fun ideas and use them as indoor winter activities like making a marshmallow shooter, play-doh mosaics and no mess spin art.

Feels Like Home has a great list of Valentine activities, many using common items you likely have on had. She has tutorials for book marks, felt hearts and Valentine fortune cookies and so much more!

If you’re printing something and want to fancy the font up a bit, My Computer is my Canvas has a link to some awesome Valentine fonts. And don’t forget to check out Kevin and Amanda’s site  where you will find a long list of fonts for any occasion as well.

Tip Junkie has a new blog dedicated specifically to Valentine ideas. Printables, crafts, as well as coloring activities for the little ones. Lots of stuff to do on a cold indoor day.

Kristen over at We are THAT Family has a list of over 30 things to do when cabin fever hits.

I know YOU have some great ideas up your sleeve, too! Share them in the comments.


  1. Rachel Murphy says:

    Praying school in on tomorrow. Love my kiddo's but they have been so bored and I am tired of hearing it! lol

    Great list though 🙂

  2. Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art says:

    yea! thanks for sharing. I'm all about breaking cabin fever and since we've been below zero in my neck of the woods lately, these are some good new ideas. 🙂

  3. Hi Crystal,
    These are great ideas. Not so much snow here but lots of rain. I will use these
    great ideas for the grandchildren. It is so hard to keep up with this ever changing world of kid activities!! We have used ‘granny’s cookbook’ for special little Christmas cards (that secret family recipe for our content). Even the boys liked decorating the card.
    Thanks for sharing your excellent list!!

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