5 Thanksgiving Recipes (Side Dishes)

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If you are on the fence about sides for tomorrow here are 5 Thanksgiving side recipes you should consider. They are all easy recipes, which you know I love!

The first one is easy green bean casserole in the crockpot. Once you make this in the slowcooker you will never ever make it any other way. Take my word! Toss it in and forget about it while everything else is going on.

easy green bean casserole recipe

Easy Corn Casserole is something my mother-in-law makes every year. It is amazing! Sweet, savory and goes perfectly with turkey or ham.

corn casserole recipe

Garlic Mashed Potatoes in the crockpot! Seriously! Get your 6 qt slow cooker going with the green bean casserole and use your 4 qt for these mashed potatoes. You will be addicted to the simplicity!

crockpot garlic mashed potatoes

Puerto Rican Rice is a regular at my mother-in-laws house too. It is not a feast if the rice is missing. (And you don’t have to be Puerto Rican to love this!) We’re having some of this tomorrow for sure!

how to make puerto rican rice

And this easy side salad is my favorite. The simple dressing recipe is included. You’re going to love the feta cheese with the olives and the dressing.

easy recipes italian side salad

What is a side that is always a guarantee at your family’s Thanksgiving table?

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Crystal! I just saw you were headed for San Antonio. My daughter with her new fiance are heading their right now also to be with his family. Fun times!

    1. Wow, Lori. How awesome is that? San Antonio is a beautiful city. We love coming here and try to visit about 4 times a year.
      I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanksgiving and your daughter and her fiance have a safe trip. Blessing!

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