Alphabet Leaf Matching for Kids

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Are you looking for some frugal and fun leaf activities for kids this Fall?

I love the opportunity to make a game educational. And this can be done on an extreme budget when shopping at Dollar Tree! All of the supplies can be purchased for $5, but you may already have some of these items on hand.

Sorting is a basic skill needed for reading and math. Activities like this are not only something kids enjoy because you’re making them a game, but they are learning… painlessly!

leaf activities for kids from dollar treeItems Needed:

  • 2 packages of Fall Leaves (they are located in the decor and craft area of Dollar Tree)
  • permanent marker
  • 2 baskets or containers (also in the decor and craft area at Dollar Tree)

Each packet of leaves contained 50. I purchased two packages.

I sorted the colors into stacks.

dollar tree frugal fun

Grab your marker and choose one color of leaves to dedicate to lower case letters. I did lowercase letters on the brown leaves.

Use another color to dedicate to capital letters. I chose red leaves for this.

Then I used the orange leaves for the vowels. I did both capital and lowercase vowels on orange leaves. This way we could have a discussion about vowels and why they are different than all of the other letters of the alphabet.

leaf activities for kids

I wrote the letters on the back of the leaves since the front of each leaf has lines on it.

Lay all of the leaves out on a flat service where students can see the letters on the leaves.

fall activities for kids

Alphabet Matching Game

Identify a basket for capital letters and a basket for lowercase letters. I purchased baskets in two different colors- one a bit darker than the other.

Have children sort the letters starting with the letter A and working their way through to the letter Z.

Basic Sorting Game

If your child does not know the order of the alphabet but can identify the difference in capital and lowercase letters, this is an excellent exercise for them as well. In this case they need not go in order, but simply focus on sorting capital and lowercase letters.

Spelling Game

If students are more advanced ask them to spell words using the leaves. Maybe they spell their spelling words, vocabulary words, their name, etc.

As you can see there are many different ways to utilize alphabet leaves for learning!

leaf activity for kids

Everything stores nicely in the baskets and stays organized and tidy.

alphabet activities for kids

What are some of your favorite activities for kids?

Have you made a fun game for your kids recently on a budget? I would love to hear about it!


Make sure you check out my collection of over 20 leaf activities for kids that is perfect for the Fall season! Enjoy!


  1. Gotta love activities that are frugal, fun, AND educational! Thanks for sharing this great idea. We’ve been having fun practicing counting with my Pumpkin Patch Printable at

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