Alternatives to Traditional Pizza

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Does your family love to have once a week homemade pizza night? Maybe you play games and watch movies and it is a weekly tradition?

Do you love pizza but get tired of the same ol’, same ol’ round pizza thing?

Have a house full of people who all like different things on their pizza and need a way to make it easier to personalize?

Wanting to try something new?

Here is a list of some of my favorite alternatives to traditional pizza.

MckMama’s Pizza Pockets

Homemade Pizza Pockets by MckMama– love to make these for lunch! Fast and simple!

Pizza Roll by an awesome site called Grocery Shop for Free. This is a great way to hide healthy things in your pizza- like a layer of spinach!

Pizza Wheels by a sweet little site called a little bit of everything. Kids love these and they are perfect for get-togethers.

English Muffin Pizza by a site called My Wooden Spoon. Great way to make personalizing pizza easy!

Bacon and Egg Bagel Pizza by Kraft- what an awesome breakfast pizza idea that is individual for all of your little ones.

Crystal & Co. french bread pizza. Yum!

French Bread Pizza I make my own version of this all the time. It is an awesome lunch idea when all the kids are home during the summer and is a super quick week night dinner idea for a night you need to get dinner done fast. A whole loaf of french bread will make four nice size servings that make personalizing easy!

And check this site out for 9 New Pizzas to Try.  Lots of interesting ingredient combinations and great alternatives to cheese and pepperoni!

Tired of traditional tomato sauce on your pizza? Check out these 29 Pizza Sauce Alternatives. Yum!


  1. Did you write this post for me??? LOL. No really..this post is right up my ally. I'm ready to change up our Pizza Night flavors!!!

    I've made the pizza wheels thanks to you and they are a huge hit in our house and on our menu regularly 🙂

  2. mmmm, pizza! my kids are not big fans….YET…but they will be!

  3. We make English muffin pizzas quite often at our house. The kids always love them, and we enjoy experimenting with toppings!

  4. Kathleen@so much to say, so little time says:

    All kinds of awesome here. Great idea about the spinach, too. (Mwahahaha!)

  5. great ideas!


  6. They used to have french bread pizza at my elementary school! I forgot how much I loved it until just right now 🙂 Thanks for reminding me.

  7. We love French Bread Pizza! These all look wonderful; thank you for sharing these ideas.

  8. Enough pizza ideas to eat pizza for a week! YUM! I definitely could eat it every day and these look fabulous. Thanks!

  9. Oh,yum … the french bread pizza looks so good. I'm going to try it!y

  10. bakingnbooks says:

    I LOVE pizza! Alternatives are great…but I just can't beat a good thin-crust dough…;)

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