Are the Eggs in Your Fridge Bad?

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A couple of month back I read somewhere online that you could check the eggs in your fridge to see if they are rotten.


I needed this tip. I bring my eggs home and remove them from the carton and place them in a plastic container in the fridge. What was that expiration date?

My husband laughs at me because I focus too much on expiration and best by dates. Especially with milk. It drives him nuts. He is always saying, do you really think that milk knows it needs to expire just because the estimated date on the jug says so? He smells it and we carry on. This honestly does not happen too often, with all these boys we go through milk pretty quickly.

rotten eggs

But eggs. I always wonder if I am cracking a bad egg.   And I can obsess too much about it thinking I smell something or it looks weird.

I do the same thing with chicken.

I digress.

Here is a simple trick for eggs that I have been using and it works!

Take a glass of water and before cracking the egg drop it in the glass.

If the eggs sinks- it is still good.

If the egg floats- it is bad.

As I have read more about this online I have learned that eggs are very porous. As they age they fill with gas which makes them go bad.

Gross, I know.

Now, go test the eggs in your fridge. It is like a fun science experiment.



  1. Just be sure to do this in a tall glass. All eggs have a little air inside which will cause them to ‘seem’ to float–they will stand up on end in shallow water. With a tall glass they can either go all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom, so you won’t be throwing out perfectly good eggs that ‘seem’ to float!!!

  2. Courtney P. says:

    I needed this tip! I knew there was a way to do it that I had read a long time ago but couldn’t remember it. Thank you for posting this!

  3. I am very anal when it comes to expiration dates. I am so fearful of getting sick from eating bad. I drive my husband crazy. He’s not really concerned with expiration dates. After we got married, I went through his fridge and was shocked at how many expired things he had in there.

  4. Good morning Crystal, this is a great tip I keep mine in the carton just for the date.
    Have a great Monday!

  5. I cracked a bad one the other day, EUGH! First time that has happened to me in YEARS, and I had forgotten how bad the smell is.

  6. The American Egg board states that eggs are good for 4-6 weeks PAST their expiration date. Just an FYI.

    I like to buy tons on sale. By tons I mean 13 dozen at a time 🙂 I know that sounds like a lot, but with 8 people, it’s really not; we can go through 18 at breakfast if we have scrambled eggs.

  7. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says:

    I’m gonna try this w/ the kiddos.

  8. We’ve used this tip a lot! Our ducks seem to pride themselves in finding new places to hide their eggs so every once in a while we find a nest of them that we have to test. 😛

  9. Works like a charm – we always check barn eggs this way!
    because when they are rotten it can really stink up your kitchen!

  10. Eggs last a loooong time. Years ago, I read an article in Mother Earth News where they compared different storage methods and the eggs stayed safe for many, many months.

  11. I just looked this up as well because I had some eggs in the fridge that were way past the expiration date. The other tip is that if they stand up on end, where the small end is touching the bottom, but the large end is straight up, they are on their way out, but still good.

    Mine were like this. I hard boiled them and put them in a salad and they were fine.

  12. DavidArthur says:

    Here is a GRRRREAT way to save…. eggs can be STORED up to a year in a cool, dry place simply by rubbing them down with mineral oil. They do not have to be refridgerated. Just rub the eggs, individually, down with mineral oil and then store. I have noticed that if you line the egg carton with saran wrap the mineral oil doesn’t soak the carton. This is a GREAT way to save money AND EGGS.

    1. David- I had no idea eggs could be stores for a year this way. Wow. Impressive.
      Have you personally done this?

      1. DavidArthur says:

        Yes I have…. have stored them for up to 15 months and then ate them. Of course you can, and should, always check your eggs using the float test but I do not think I can ever remember an egg going bad on me past 15 months.

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