Bathroom Clean-up Check List

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Oh, I really like this blog I have found… Household Management 101.

This should be a class we teach at home. Or in our schools.

For boys. Because some day they will grow up to be men who will no longer pee all over the toilet seat! Or am I dreaming?

For men. Because they are not going to do it otherwise.

For girls. Well, see the reason below.

For women. Because sometimes, we just work better with a list. (Me, raising my hand as high as I can!)

The author of the blog is Taylor. Mom to three kids. She could be your neighbor. Well, she has some great lists over on her site. Go check her out!

Today one of her features is focusing on Bathroom Clean-up. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

And check list people, you can print it out and put it in a Household Notebook. I like that even better. (You can read more about a household notebook on her blog.)

I think it is a perfect place to start for your Saturday or Sunday cleaning. Or, even better, make it accessible to your children and their bathroom chore chart is essentially done.

Thanks Taylor!

This bring great simplicity to my life. Love it!

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  1. Taylor at Household Management 101 says:

    Crystal, thanks for the kind words about my site! I appreciate them. Now, I'm going to take a look around your site for a bit. I love the picture of your family — all boys!

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