Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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I have been to many baby showers in my time. I’ve hosted many showers and I’ve been on the receiving end of gracious baby showers. Seems like there for a while everyone I knew was having a baby.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the best baby shower gift ideas I know and some of the greatest things I’ve received in my years.  I also want to share with you one of my best kept secrets for fast baby shower shopping!

As you likely know, I have many children. Some of the best gifts I’ve given and received as we brought home a new baby or as a friend has are the essentials! We can never have enough of them! It is so nice to be able to reach for these basics for many months and not have to make a run for them in the wee hours of the morning.

The next time you have a baby shower to attend, consider running into CVS for your shower needs. They have EVERYTHING you need from baby items, to gift bags and wrap and even the card!

Here are the items I love to give and love to receive:

  1. Diapers– You don’t have to buy newborn. Babies wear diapers for the first year of life (some longer).  I encourage you to grab size 3, 4 or 5 because those are the largest sized which babies wear from about 5 months to one year. Having these on hand for a mama will be so helpful!
  2. Baby Wipes–  we are caregivers for two little ones (similar to fostering). This time in my life is so similar to when the twins were born. We go through TONS of baby wipes. Grab a multi pack of wipes. I always go for sensitive when buying for someone else just to play it safe, but these are also the ones I buy for our home as well. If you have babies and toddlers in the house you cannot go wrong with baby wipes! CVS has an excellent store brand!
  3. Baby Wash– baby wash will get great use from infancy all the way into the toddler years. Goodness, I still use baby wash for the preschooler. Always a great gift idea.
  4. Baby Lotion– no one wants a baby with dry skin. I like to grab matching scents like this Dove lotion and wash that I grabbed at CVS.
  5. Medicine– there are so many things to choose from here. You can buy ibuprofen, teething gel, or even butt paste. I am a huge fan of a well-known butt paste for babies. When I found this CVS store brand line and I squealed! The price is so much more affordable and it works great!! This is a score for sure!!


Not only can you get your gift wrap and card at CVS, but another thing I love is that shopping with CVS and being a member of their ExtraCara program I earn 2% back in ExtraBucks when purchasing select items.  To redeem, present rewards coupon and associated ExtraCare card to cashier on a subsequent transaction. Your rewards coupon will expire if not redeemed as designated on the coupon. Sometimes you will get ExtraBucks in the form on a coupon or code at the end of your receipt.

You can sign up for an ExtraCare card once you’ve created a account. If you already have an account, sign in, go to the ExtraCare page and follow the instructions to Get a Card now. Or visit your local CVS/pharmacy store and get a FREE ExtraCare card on the spot.

Get in, get out and get to your baby shower!!

And here is yours truly weeks before I delivered my first baby. This picture was taken January/February 1999. This was a baby shower my family threw for me.


  1. It’s funny that people don’t think to buy the basic like diapers, baby wipes, butt cream, etc. I guess people want to give gifts that are memorable or cute like cute baby clothes, blankets, baby baths or car seats. But it’s the practical items that new moms need the most!

  2. These are all such great items! I remember getting SO many diapers and thinking I would never use them, but we did and quickly! Those items (the basics) and things like medicine and diaper cream were life savers those first few weeks.

  3. These are some items to add to a shower gift for sure. I love the baby Dove products. I so wish they were around for when my kids were babies. It is the best wash and shampoo for babies. Love it. Thanks for the great ideas for new parents!

  4. Oh yes! I always give diapers and diaper creams at baby showers because I know that it WILL get used. Sometimes people don’t realize how much money is wasted on “cute” baby shower items that just sit there and get thrown out or given away.

  5. The essentials always make the best gifts in my opinion. I absolutely love to receive gifts that I can use especially as a new parent when you may not have thought about everything that is needed for the new addition to your family. I love the idea of giving things like wipes and diapers, those are the things you will need so it makes sense to stock up and have others stock up for you.

  6. Baby wipes are a wonderful gift to give at baby showers! They come in so handy and you don’t realize how many you go through – especially the first few weeks. Love all of the items you suggested!

  7. I am 100% for the practical shower gifts. Well with gifts in general, I like to get people things that they will actually use. For new babies, I love to put together a basket with baby wipes, body wash and lotions and also some medicine. Literally, I do what you recommend and they always love it. You really can’t go wrong!

  8. Every time I’m invited to a baby shower or a baby’s birthday party, I give them a gift set with toiletries and organic baby bath essentials. This is because we’re not sure about the size of the baby so it would be hard to give them clothes and other accessories they might not like or be able to wear for long.

  9. Baby showers are the best. While I haven’t been to one in a while, when I did, I always bought essentials. Probably because I can remember nights when the kids were little, and we were low on diapers because I’d put off going to the store. It was the worst feeling in the world to always be in reactionary mode. I never want another mom to be in that situation. x

  10. These are great gifts and two of my friends are currently pregnant so this post comes at the perfect time for me. I love baby showers, filled with so much joy and love. As a new mom I was so happy to receive clothes, diapers and baby wipes. Even though my little one is two now, I think you can never have enough baby wipes!

  11. Jennifer Seigler says:

    Diapers and baby wipes are the best gifts to give and receive during baby showers. These are the things a newborn would need and use a lot of. When I get an invite for a baby shower, these are the things I get and also throw in a few bibs and washcloths. I also make sure that the baby wipes I get are hypoallergenic to avoid irritating a newborn’s very sensitive skin.

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