Best Mom Advice 5/27/13

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Isn’t it awesome that you can come to one site and find over 162 mommy solutions all in one place? I love that every week other moms from all over the internet stop by and link up and share their amazing tips, talents, mom advice , crafts and more! 

Last week moms shared simple cleaning solutions, family skin care information, delicious recipes, home decor ideas, thrifty finds and more!

Although there were 162 ideas shared last week, there were 5 that had the most clicks. Below is an overview of those top 5 ideas. Make sure you check them out and if you have time hop over and check out all of the tips shared.

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Best Mom Advice

1) We have always been taught to use sun screen and that the sun causes cancer. It is on the TV, the radio, in magazines and indoctrinated everywhere. When we hear someone encourage us to embrace the sun you might be taken aback. Have you ever looked into how toxic sunscreen is? Real Food Forager shares with us why she has stopped using sunscreen.

sun screen is toxic


2) Ever find furniture at thrift stores or yard sales that just need a little sprucing up?  Exploring Domesticity shared with us a tutorial for taking a side table and book shelf and putting a little bit of time into them to change the look, on a budget. I love thrifty home decor.

thrifty home decor

3) Cleaning your dryer vent sounds like a daunting task, doesn’t it? Angela Says shows us how to clean our dryer vents in three simple steps. Makes it look so much less daunting.

clean your dryer vent

4) Did you know that Emerald green is THE color of 2013? Not sure if you’ve noticed, but this color is everywhere. Everyone is wearing it in fashion, using it in home decor, and more!  Check out this Living Room Inspiration from My Snippets of Inspiration. (I pained my nails an Emerald green a few months back and loved it!)

living room inspiration

5) I have a friend here in the DFW area that I’ve known for years. Her daughter and my oldest son went to preschool together. She started blogging a few years back about her Accidental Fitness Quest. She writes about her inspirational journey where she has gone from regular mom and amazingly fit mom. She shared tips all the time on how we can do this too, but she also shared healthy recipes.  You guys loved this Lightened Up Chicken Piccata she shared last week. Looks tasty!


162 Mommy Solutions

Did you miss last weeks party? You can check out all 162 ideas HERE. If you are a blogger come on over on Wednesday’s and linkup your latest and greatest ideas! (The post actually goes live Tuesday night. Sssshhhh!)

advice for moms

Also remember, just because your idea is not listed here does not mean we didn’t love it. We regularly share your links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in my newsletter.

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