Best Mom Advice 6/24/13

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Last week we celebrated our 100th week of bloggers linking up and sharing their favorite projects, tips, resources, solutions and mom advice.  There were 184 ideas shared! From recipes and 4th of July activities to one moms very personal view on her love/hate relationship with breastfeeding.

Below are the top 5 submissions that had the most clicks.  If you have a second hop over and check out all of the tips.

By the way, how is your summer going? It is super hot here in Texas. My kids want to play outside so bad and during the heat of the day it is just too much. We are playing outside in small spurts and making sure we stay hydrated.

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Best Mom Advice

1) Let’s talk breastfeeding. I failed at nursing my oldest, but did successfully nurse my twins and my youngest. Breastfeeding was something I loved and wanted to do for as long as my babies would allow, but it certainly is a commitment. Beauty Through Imperfection shares her love/ hate relationship with breastfeeding.



2) Your Homebased Mom shared her delicious recipe for making homemade hamburger buns. Just in time for your upcoming cookout!

homemade hamburger buns

3) Looking for a yummy 4th of July dessert? Hungry Happenings shared her recipe for homemade fudge that is red, white and blue. Yum!

homemade fudge

4) Right now is the perfect time to begin 4th of July crafts! And let’s recycle while we are at it. Crafty Journal shows us how to reuse a milk jug and decorate it with red, white and blue garland.


5) Crafty Journal also shared how to make a 4th of July fan out of a milk jug. Clever indeed!

milk jug fan

184 Mommy Solutions

Did you miss last weeks party? You can check out all 184 ideas HERE. If you are a blogger come on over on Wednesday’s and linkup your latest and greatest ideas! (The post actually goes live Tuesday night. Sssshhhh!)

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Also remember, just because your idea is not listed here does not mean we didn’t love it. We regularly share your links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in my newsletter.

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