Best Mom Advice 7/16/13

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When you are looking for tips, pointers and the best  mom advice where do you go to get that?

You turn to your girlfriends and fellow moms, right?

Well, every Wednesday here on Crystal & Co., bloggers all over the internet come to this site and share their best solutions and resources. Week after week we learn something new and walk away with valuable information.

Last week there were 148 ideas shared! Ways to keep a toddler busy, beach activities, how to prevent a temper tantrum, a delicious and easy dessert recipe and tips to improve your blog just to name a few.

Did you miss them? If you have a second hop over and check out all of the tips.

Below are the top 5 submissions that had the most clicks.  

best mom advice 71613

Best Mom Advice

1) I love The Measured Mom, have you ever checked out her site? She is a contributor here on Crystal & Co., and she shared excellent tips for teaching your children. I will be the first to admit that sometimes it can be really challenging to keep a 1 year old entertained. Especially if said one year old has four old brothers and he wants to do everything they are doing. Anna has come up with an awesome list of 5 ways to keep a one year old busy.

activities for one year olds

2) It is summer and everyone is looking for summer activities for kids. Maybe you want to make a trip to the beach, but how will you keep everyone entertained and safe? Mommie Daze pulled together an awesome list of  beach tips. Very timely! (Looks like she has an entire series going about this topic!) By the way, hate carrying your purse to the beach? She has the best solution!

Beach Tips

3) How are the tantrums at your house? Do they deserve Academy Awards?  Oh, listen. I have seen some real doozie tantrums! Beauty Through Imperfections has THE tip for tantrums. She knows how to stop tantrums before they start. The advice is simple and the logic is brilliant!

stop tantrums before they start

4) Looking for a crowd pleasing dessert to take to a cookout this summer? Love Bakes Good Cakes shares her Cherry Chiffon Salad. This is a great way to use up cherries that might be on sale right now at the grocery store.

cherry salad recipes

5) Are you a blogger? Check out Mums Makes Lists. She has shared 10 ways to enhance your blog. Great pointers here!

blogging tips how to blog

148 Mommy Solutions

Did you miss last weeks party? You can check out all 148 ideas HERE. If you are a blogger come on over on Wednesday’s and linkup your latest and greatest ideas! (The post actually goes live Tuesday night. Sssshhhh!)

advice for moms

Also remember, just because your idea is not listed here does not mean we didn’t love it. We regularly share your links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in my newsletter.



  1. Jamie @ Love Bakes Good Cakes says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my salad, Crystal! have a great week!

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