Best Mom Advice 7/8/13

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Are you looking for mommy solutions and resources? Every Wednesday bloggers from all over the internet share their best  mom advice and the latest projects they are working on. Week after week I learn something new and walk away with valuable information.

Last week there were 185 ideas shared! Eczema solutions, health related information, organization tips, educational resources, parenting tips and more!

Below are the top 5 submissions that had the most clicks.  If you have a second hop over and check out all of the tips.

best mom advice

Best Mom Advice

1) Do you have a child who suffers from eczema? Our little Matthew, who is now 4, had a very severe case of eczema his first year of life. It kept us home bound a great deal as the Texas heat amplified his condition. He was miserable. Now, he still has eczema but we have learned how to control it with medication and also by knowing what he is allergic to. I would love to get rid of the harsh medicines we have to put on his skin and I am excited to try this skin treatment that Pig and Dac shared this past week!

 natural skin treatment for eczema

 2) I have always heard that Mountain Dew is really bad for you, but I never knew the statistical or scientific details on it. This post by My Lamp is Full is going to open your eyes about this cancer causing chemical that is in one of the most popular soft drinks.

Bromine Chemical Element Clipart

3) Sometimes the organization that needs to take place outside is overlooked. I am totally guilty!! Do you have a tool shed that needs some tender loving care? Growing in Grace shares with us exactly how she organized her outside tools.

organizing outside

4) Do you homeschool or are you looking for educational resources to do at home? The Measured Mom has an excellent solution for teaching word families. I love her site!

printables word family educational resource

5) Are you looking for tips to get your little one through the night dry? Mums Make Lists shares 18 tips for dry nights for kids! Excellent post full of practical information! I agree with so much of what she has to say!


185 Mommy Solutions

Did you miss last weeks party? You can check out all 185 ideas HERE. If you are a blogger come on over on Wednesday’s and linkup your latest and greatest ideas! (The post actually goes live Tuesday night. Sssshhhh!)

advice for moms

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    1. Jessica- you are so welcome. I am very passionate about eczema and how overlooked and dismissed it is with pediatricians. I am so grateful you shared your recipe for healing!

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