The Best Preschool Lunch Ideas Ever

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School lunches can be a roadblock sometimes for parents. Whether your kiddos are heading out to preschool, public school, daycare services like Little Angels, or staying in to homeschool with you, I am sure your are preparing like crazy! Between school supplies, organizing, and scheduling the list of to dos is probably long! And then between all of that there are lunches. Where to begin, right? We have a two year old who will be attending Mother Day Out this school year and I am excited to pack his lunch.

Ok. I know this excitement will wear off, but I love hunting for fun lunch ideas!

The good news is the ideas are endless when it comes to making something other than the same old same old everyday. On top of that, little kids can be picky eaters.

Can I get an amen?

I want you to remember this, preschoolers are taking some of their first initial steps into education, so it is imperative to feed them only the best brain food there is!

So, with that being said, here are some things to keep in mind when you’re fixing lunches. the best preschool lunch ideas ever

Lunch Packing Basics

1. Pack a protein or starch. (Anything from eggs to turkey and pastas to whole grains!)

2. Don’t forget the fruits and veggies. (These make great sides!)

3. Include a snack or special treat. (Fruit leather, yogurt, string cheese)

4. A drink! (Water or milk are what my kids love best!) Healthy lunches do not have to be expensive and for kids this is a highlight of their everyday.

These simple lunch ideas will have your preschooler excited for lunchtime and once less thing you have to worry about!

The idea is to keep it fun and interesting and healthy too!

So don’t be intimidated when it comes to fixing lunch for your preschooler! Pack up a balanced lunch that will feed their brain and their tummy but are also practical!

preschool lunch ideas

Best Preschool Lunch Ideas

1. These Monster Sandwiches are super easy to make and perfect for little hands with turkey and cheese and even olive eyes your kiddo will love them! Land O Moms

2. Make these Tortilla Pinwheel Lollipops that will totally make lunch fun and they are super easy to make! Homecooking Memories

3. Check out this lunch of Corn Dog Muffins that can be made ahead frozen and a few pulled out for lunch! What Lisa Cooks

4. Try out these Sandwich Kabobs to get protein, dairy, and veggies all in one bite! Yum! These can totally be personalized too! Mom Endeavors

5. Have a little pizza lover? These Do It Yourself Pizzas are perfect. Each of the ingredients easily fits in a travel cupcake liner and they can totally create their own. Momables

6. These Apple, Cheese, and Honey Quesadillas are amazing for kids and scrumptious! Weelicious

7. You have to try making these Pepperoni Pizza Puffs that your kids will want to eat everyday and they are so easy to make! Lick The Bowl Good

8. If you have a kiddo that won’t eat salad just don’t tell them this lunch is a Salad Box will lots of yummy veggies and fruits. What Lisa Cooks

9. These PB & J Sandwich Kabobs With Fruit are super yummy. Cut them into cute shapes for an interesting, bite sized food for your preschooler! Happiness is Homemade

healthy preschool lunches 10. You can’t ever pass up breakfast for lunch so try this French Toast On A Stick that is oh so good and certainly a kid favorite! Weelicious

11. Whip up these Crustless Mini Quiches for a protein packed option and pair it with their favorite fruits and veggies! Childhood 101

12. This Zesty Pasta Salad is perfect for lunch and it can be made to include all little veggies and protein as well. Saving Room For Dessert

13. These Egg Breakfast Sandwiches are amazing and another meal you can throw together ahead of time for a quick and simple lunch. Damn Delicious

14. Your kiddo will love this Chicken Salad With Grapes that can be made sandwich style or with crackers for dipping. Add A Pinch

15. My kids love fried rice so this Ham Fried Rice is sure to be a hit for them and others! The Recipe Critic

16. Take hot dogs up a notch with these Tortilla Hot Dog Wraps that make for easy dipping too! BS In The Kitchen

17. For those kids who don’t eat meat give them Cream Cheese Croissants with delicious tomato! Lil Luna

18. Hands on fun and lunch go hand in hand with an Apple Pizza with yummy toppings to pair! Pre K Pages

easy lunch ideas

Kroger makes it so easy for prepping and planning for your kiddos lunch. Have you seen their Natural Foods Department? (I WILL INSERT AN INSTAGRAM LINK to an IMAGE OF OUR SHOPPING TRIP)

We are loving their selection of Horizon and Silk products and how easy the can be incorporated into our homeschool lunch routines as well as the lunches I pack 3 times a week for our preschooler at Mother’s Day Out.

What do you plan on packing in your preschoolers lunchbox? Share your ideas!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon, Silk, & So Delicious. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Packing lunches for preschoolers is harder than older kids. They are pickier and often go through phases of only eating certain foods/food groups. This is a great list of ideas that most preschoolers will love.

  2. I usually start out the school year pretty good when it comes to packing lunches. Then all of a sudden I seem to hit a roadblock and can’t come up with anything good. These lunch ideas are all great ideas and will definitely come in handy!

  3. I find that now the kids are older it’s a lot easier to pack them lunches.
    What a nightmare it is having to make sure that the crusts are always cut off or the food isn’t touching. Heaven forbid that happens!! LOL!!

  4. We’re way past the preschool stage, but these are great ideas! I still pack a lunch for my middle schooler and he still enjoys it. Loving the variety of ideas you have here. Sounds like any kiddo would go for them!

  5. These are all great ideas! I would love to make some of these for my 11 year old who is now in middle school. I miss those days when she was little and could make fun shaped lunches, now she is too cool for that!

  6. My little guy is not going to public preschool this year. We are learning at home. However, I am printing out this list and going shopping. While my little guy hasn’t seemed to tire of his favorite requests: pb & jelly and grilled cheese sandwiches, I would like for him to have more variety and food groups in his diet.

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