A Birth Story- It Will Change You Forever

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So, you’re a working Mom and you’ve just gotten back from lunch. Work is done for the day, or you’re in Friday- it’s- 5:00- somewhere- mode. What to do, what to do? When will my 3:00 break get here?


You are a stay at home, work at home, just surviving everyday kind of mom, and the kids are down for their afternoon nap. You’ve eaten your bon bons and licked the container clean, wouldn’t dare clean your house a lick, and your waiting for your next soap opera or game show to begin. (Wow, you are JUST LIKE ME!) What to do, what to do.

I really crack myself up! Hey, I am easily entertained. That would explain where all these kids came from. **wink, wink**

Seriously, I want to share something with you guys. I found this link last week to a beautiful woman’s birth story.

I have been waiting for the right time to share it.

It is raw.
It is very, very honest.
It will rock you to the core.

It is not your standard candles, and music, everything- just- so- kind- of- ending -birth- stories. Although it starts out that way.

It is not meant to crush your spirit. In fact, it will make you oh so very grateful.

No one dies. So don’t go there. Well, a mother dies inside for a moment of time. But, she moves a mountain and perseveres. She reaches deep inside and finds what she needs. She lets out every emotion you can imagine.

It is absolutely beautiful and I promise you will be compelled to follow the rest her story. And the story of baby Nella as she grows.

Grab a box of Kleenex, and I ain’t lying.
Read it.
Read it with a friend- you’ll feel less silly for crying. Because I guarantee you, she will be crying too!
And this weekend, kiss your babies.
And then….
kiss them again.

Ok, I am crying… for the 10th time.

Here it is:

The birth story that will change you!

‘The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed
before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something
absolutely new.’ – Rajneesh

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