Blogger Appreciation Day: December 2010

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It is time to analyze my blog’s traffic from last month. This will tell us where my traffic is coming from, as well as how many visitors and pageviews my site is receiving.

Let me just say, WOW! December brought the most pageviews for me since I started blogging- 9,588! This is huge for my site as I continue to work, grow, and provide my readers with resources.

Sure, there are blogs that get 150,000 pageviews per month. Maybe I will be there someday. But in the meantime, I am going to enjoy the milestones I reach as I work hard to share things each day with other mom’s.

What did I do different this month from other months? Three things.

1) I had a week of steady giveaways/product reviews. This is all thanks to an awesome group of bloggers that I am networking with- The Better Living Network.

2) I shared my crafts and tutorials on oodles of sites. This was a lot of time invested, but in turn, new readers found me. 

3) I’ve really kicked my networking with other blogger up a few notches.

Below is a list of the top 10 blogs that sent traffic my way in December.

1) We Are That Family– sent me 636 visitors. Every Wednesday I participate in her Works for Me Wednesday link-up sharing a post that could be helpful to other parents.

2) OrgJunkie– sent me 396 visitors. Every Monday I share my weekly meal plan on her site.

3) Tip Junkie– sent me 306 visitors. I list my giveaways on her site from time to time . But, the last week of December I participated in her Tip Me Tuesday link-up, which I had never done before. My traffic skyrocketed that day! (Tip Me Tuesday is different from submitting a tip to her that she later features in a post.)

4) Tight Wad in Utah– sent me 258 visitors. This is a new-to-me-site. She will list any giveaway you have that is ending within a week and has less than 200 entries.

5) Eat At Home– sent me 138 visitors. I love her site and her recipes!

6) Blue Cricket Design– sent me 133 visitors. This is another new-to-me-site that I found in November. Every Wednesday she offers a link-up for crafts and tutorials. Love this! Check her out.

7) Some Day Crafts– sent me 108 visitors. Another site I found recently that offers a weekly link-up for crafts and tutorials. Cute stuff over there!

8) Blog Giveaways– sent me 95 visitors. This is a blog that will list your giveaways for FREE! I love her site.

9) Creative Party Place– sent me 78 visitors. I love sharing any of my tutorials that are perfect for a party or celebration. If you are having a party sometime soon, this is a great site to search for ideas.

10) The Creative Girl– sent me 67 visitors. Another site that I just found recently and starting linking-up my crafty tutorials.

Here are the social network numbers. I like to share these because I when I started using Twitter and Facebook as a way to network, I repeatedly heard  from other bloggers that Twitter was the bomb. While it is great, I really like the relationships I get to build with my readers using Facebook.

Facebook– sent me 214 visitors.
Twitter– sent me 134 visitors.
Stumble– sent me 312 visitors. This is something I just started using and as you can see it rocks! It is a way to network and share but is different from Facebook and Twitter. My amazing readers and online friends have Stumbled  what I write and in turn people visit my site.

Here is my advice to you, if you are not participating in weekly link-ups in your niche, give it a try. This will help readers find you and just might bring you new loyal readers as well!

Want to join in the fun and share your thanks to the sites that referred traffic to your blog? Hop over to Kelle’s blog, 3 Boys and a Dog, and join in the fun.

Thank you to everyone who helped make December an AMAZING month for Crystal & Co.!


  1. Christina says:

    Congratulations! Those are impressive stats. Not only is your traffic amazing but your sense of community is amazing. You are a total giver and your peeps know that, clearly.

  2. Thank you Christina! It means a lot. 🙂

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