20 Preschool Books: Letter O

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Do you have a youngster who is learning the letter O? Maybe they are a preschooler, PreK’er or Kindergarten?

One activity you can do with kids while they learn their alphabet is to pull in some great books. Here is a list of  books children must read as they learn the letter O.

This is the perfect list to take to the library, too! You can learn more about each book by clicking on the link and getting author information and more!

At the end of this post we have tons of letter of the week activities you can do with your kids. Don’t forget to check that out too!

Books Children Must Read: Letter O

3.Oscar Otter
4.Olivia Owl Finds a Friend
5.I Have an Olive Tree
6.Ox-Cart Man
7.AN Octopus Followed Me Home
8.Paul Bunyan and His Blue Ox
9.Owl at Home
13.Open Very Carefully: A Book with Bite
14.Beautiful Oops!
15.Octopus Alone
16.Little Oink
17.The OK Book
18.The Odd One Out

Looking for more activities that are all about the letter Oo? Here are tons and a great way to make learning hands on!

Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter Oo)

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