Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

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I was in my kitchen today and realized we have a HUGE amount of paper plates sitting around (thanks, Costco!) so I decided to make a snake out of one! Kids will usually either be scared of these animals or obsessed with them. Not only do kids get to use their cutting and gluing skills but I also incorporated a fun painting tool using bubble wrap and a paint roller! You don’t have to use the red and black colors either, how about a neon rainbow one?

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Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

Materials Needed:

Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

Start by taking an empty paint roller and stick a recycled paper towel roll on it (mine fit perfectly!) If you have a smaller paint roller, you can also use a toilet paper roll.

Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

Take a sheet of bubble wrap and wrap it around it, securing it with a piece of tape. Then have your kids dip the roller into some red/black paint and roll like crazy all over the paper plate!  Note that this part can get messy so I would use washable paint.

Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

Once the paint is completely dry take a scissors and cut a spiral. To make this craft easier for younger children, adults can draw on the spirals with black marker for them to follow. Make sure to stop cutting towards the end so you can make a head shape.

Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

Glue on two little googly eyes and cut a small piece of red ribbon. At the very end of the ribbon cut a triangle out to make the creepy snake tongue! That’s it…time for the kids to play with their snakes 🙂

paper plate snake craft for kids

You can check out how to make this green paper plate snake using a rolling pin over at Crafty Morning!

Bubble Wrap Paper Plate Snake Craft

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  1. What a neat idea and new technique to add to our arts and craft fun.

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