Busy week planned…

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Summer is in the air- so is the humidity. We are expecting a cool front to move into the D/FW area today- the high, thank goodness, is only 87.

School has been out for a week and a half now. I think I was more sad when school let out than Garrett, Anthony or any of the teachers. I am not good with ending things- especially when I like them just the way they are. Closure- finding it and accepting it- is not my strength. When the teachers start sending home the left over workbooks, spiral pads, the kids supply boxes, their name strip off the kids desks, it makes me sad. I am not ready for Garrett to move on to the 4th grade. And for Anthony, 2nd grade I now know is the last year of real elementary as 3rd grade becomes all business and test preparation. Both boys did receive A/B honor roll this last six weeks of school. Garrett received his TAKS math scores and he was commended-scoring a 93. In March he scored a 92 on the reading TAKS- we were very very proud of him. I can not express enough how proud we were of him- he gave it his all!

This week gets us off to a very busy start. Garrett is going to basketball camp in the mornings while Anthony goes to VBS at his 1st grade teachers church. Then, this evening we have another VBS with some friends from school.

The twins started a once a week toddler music class last week- so we have that tonight as well. They really enjoy it…. playing musical insterments like the sticks and dinner bell triangle. They also dance around the room to fun music. Just so adorable. Last week Luke was very independent while Nick sat in my lap observing everyone and refused to dance around the room. They are so different!

So, off to a busy week. I’ll catch up more later.


  1. housegame says:

    I love the interaction and the busy schedule for the kids. They will not have a boring summer.
    God bless you Crystal for taking such a challenge of another child. You are Mother of the Year! God bless

  2. Tina said it all! You are Mother Of The YEAR!!! Love Your Mother!!

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