C-Section is Scheduled… Very Bittersweet!

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So, we had our appt on Tuesday. It was delayed by two hours as my doc had an emergency surgery. So in the meantime Lenny and I toured the new hospital we will deliver at which is just right across the street from the professional building where I have had each of my appts. Nothing like waiting until the 11th hour to tour the hospital, hua? The story of my life, right? It is amazing and beautiful! Very geared towards women and babies. AND, one of the best features, it has a full service Starbucks! Lenny and I had a coffee and oatmeal while we waited (you know I have not given coffee up…. it is what gets me to 2:00 so many days). It was nice to spend some adult time together like ‘big people’ and no one climbing all over you.

Finally time for my appt and I did gain 3 pounds… that puts me at exactly 20 pounds of weight gain this pregnancy. I have never had such a hard time putting on weight while pregnant until this time around.

My doctor checked me and still…. nada. Seriously! So, the c-section is scheduled for Tuesday, March 24th at 8:45 am- unless I go into labor on my own before then. I am so tempted to try evening primrose oil or the castrol oil or something to possibly trigger labor, but I come back to this weighing fear of what has us in this c-section predicament and that is my uterus rupturing.

It is very bittersweet. I absolutely hated having a c-section with the twins and I really wanted to labor with this baby. I am still hopeful and every time I get a cramping pain and I cross my fingers hoping it is the onset of labor. We shall see… at least we know that meeting this new little one is just around the corner.

I will keep everyone posted.

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