D is for Dinosaur Do a Dot Printables

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My boys have all loved dinosaurs. They love playing with them, reading about them, drawing them, you name it.

These dinosaur do a dot pages are perfect for preschoolers and young learners. The pack has eight pages and ties in learning the letter D.

One page is dedicated to the uppercase D and the lowercase d and using the dabber dot markers to fill i the dots. This is excellent for fine motor development. These are our favorite dabber dot markers. You will love the vibrant colors.

There are also two more pages that are large dinosaurs where they will use the markers to fill in all of the dots. Super fun!!

Another page is dedicated to finding the letter. Your young learner will use the markers to show where the uppercase and lowercase D’s are.

I love that page that is all about math. Your kiddos will love counting how up many of each dinosaur type there is. Not only are math skills supported here, but this is awesome for building sorting skills and finding differences in the things presented. This goes hand in hand with the page that is all about which animal is a dinosaur and which is not.

There is a page dedicated to coloring which kids love (and parents do too)! Never underestimate the skill building that takes place when kids color!

These are perfect for parents homeschooling, supplementing public school at home, preschool teachers and even using them as travel activities in the car!

 Grab your pack here and then head over to our Facebook page and share pictures of your kiddos using them. I can’t wait to see.



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