21 Meaningful Things For Dads and Daughters To Do Together

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My husband has always longed for a daughter. As you know, we only have boys Dads and daughters have such a special bond. Dads teach their girls some of the greatest things in life and are such strong figures for little girls to look up to.

There are simply so many meaningful ways to get dad and daughter time. The best part? You’re making lasting memories while having some fun!

Truth be told, some dads may struggle a little with this and make things harder than they have to be. It is easy and these simple ways of time spent together will stand out for a lifetime!

If you are in search of something fantastic ways to entertain each other here are 21 meaningful things for dads and daughters to do together.

Commence some memories with your sweet girl with this…

daddy daughter time(1)

If you are on the hunt for son related ideas, here is a great list of mother son activities that I think you will love.

Daddy Daughter Time Ideas

1. Teach her to dance or just turn on music and be silly.

2. Browse a bookstore and read each other a book.

3. Go bird watching at the nearest nature trail.

4. Spend some time in the kitchen making a favorite family dessert.

5. Go for ice cream and enjoy all the toppings.

6. Make snow angels in the winter.

7. Practice those hula hoop skills. She will love it!

8. Trace each other with chalk on the driveway.

9. Teach her a new sport.

10. Take a painting or pottery class because this is something mom would do!

11. Attend a local sporting event and let her pick.

12. Go shopping.

13. Manicures…yes dads you can do this!

14. Teach her how to fish.

15. Have a picnic even if it is just in the backyard.

16. Play along in all of her tea parties.

17. Take a trip and make it your own adventure.

18. Watch a sunrise or sunset.

19. Tell her about your childhood with some interesting stories.

20. Volunteer in a local building project.

21. Allow her to help with your projects.

spending time with your daughter

What are ways that you can connect with your little girl? Share your best ideas!


  1. Great post and there are still a few things I’d like to do with my dad from this list! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us on Throwback Thursday!


  2. Such cute ideas…and I love the idea of teaching her how to fish. My dad did that with me and those were some great memories.

  3. Mars Camilla says:

    This is a great idea and I will love it.

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