Easy and Fun Birthday Hats for Children

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From the balloon bouquet Grandma and Grandpa Lopez had delivered for the twins’ on their b-day.

On the twins’ 5th birthday their teachers at Mother’s Day Out helped them make these precious little hats. I had to share them with you guys. They are so simple to make. You could certainly mass produce this as a fun party treat for your guests or have it as a craft at your little one’s party. 

Simply use the foamy crown cutouts that you can buy at your local craft store and use them as the front of your hat. (You could also use card stock and make a crown template.)

Using a staple, they attached the foamy crown to birthday themed bulletin board border! Seriously. How cute is that?

Instead of stapling, you could certainly fancy it up a bit and attach the crown to the border by using a whole punch and ribbon or yarn.

They decorated the front with foamy birthday cutouts, but you could also use stickers or spell the birthday child’s name with the foamy letter cutouts.

This would be a fun activity to do at any birthday party as a station, allowing each guest to make and decorate a party hat for themselves.

The possibilities go on and on!

I will be sharing this idea on these crafty sites.


  1. shopannies says:

    goes to show how special you can feel with just a little money and a bit of imagination love it

  2. I could not agree more!

  3. My son turns 5 in April. I really appriciate your thrifty ideas!

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