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My good friend Kim recently purchased her first DSLR camera. Digital single-lens reflex camera, in layman terms. I’ve been telling her about some online editing programs, specifically the editing program I use for the photos that I post here on my site. I know all of this can be a little overwhelming, but I figured a post would be a great place to share some the online tools I use as well as illustrate just how easy it is to edit and give your photos a whole new life and a new story or spin.

I use Picnik.com, which is owned by Google.   Anyone can get a free account and it is super duper easy to use!

There is a paid version of their program as well, but it is very affordable. The paid version gives you access to all of the premium editing features and it allows you to store up to 100 photos at a time. I do their month to month option for $4.95, but you can get a year long premium membership for around $20.00.  With all of that said, when you’re just starting out, the free version is perfect.

The interface is so user friendly, yet gives your photos a professional feel. I know people who use it just for their personal use, as well as for editing their photos for their blogs and even professional photographers who use it as their main editing tool in their business.

I am going to share two photos that Kim sent me from a family event we were both at this weekend. (She has no idea I am doing this….) Hi Kim!

Editing Photos Using Picnik Online

Here is the original photo untouched:



. . . . .

For this edited version I:

  • cropped (edit tab)
  • clicked autofix (edit tab) this button automatically evens out all the tones and brightens it a bit
  • click cross process feature (create tab)
  • add text with color (create tab)


. . . . .

For this edited version I:

  • cropped (edit tab)
  • clicked autofix (edit tab)
  • clicked vibrance(create tab) vibrance is a premium  feature, but the one I use most often
  • added my site as a watermark in text (create tab)



. . . . .

For this edited version I:

  • cropped (edit tab)
  • clicked autofix (edit tab)
  • clicked 1960’s feature with rounded corners (create tab)
  • added a quote using text (create tab)


. . . . .   

Here is another original photo of Matthew with my friend Kim’s oldest son Sean. Hi Sean!


. . . . .

For this edited version I:

  • cropped it (edit tab)
  • selected the bunny tone feature (create tab)- this is an ‘Easter’ feature that lightens your picture signifigantly
  • selected the vignette feature (create tab)- this is what gives the photo the darkened edges
  • added text with my site address (create tab)


See how much the picture changed? Same images, so many possibilities! And it really is simple!

You can also save your edited images to a card, disc, etc., and take them to the local drugstore or print shop and print pictures to your hearts content.   


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  1. Kim Idell says:

    I am impressed! Thank you sooo much for using my pics. Sean said I am now famous. Lol. Seriously, using my pics as examples of what can be done is awesome. I am going to edit some of my pics and try it out. 🙂

    1. Kim, see how much things can really change. One picture and the options are endless.

  2. andiejaye says:

    i did a little blipit about picnik a bit ago. you’ve got sooo much better examples. i found out about it through 365 project.org. it’s amazing what some people are able to do with it!!

    1. I agree Andiejay, you really can make things look so different with just a few clicks.

    1. Brandy, I love Picnik too. Glad you found the tips helpful. Thanks for reading.

  3. Thanks this is great! I just starting blogging so this is a big help : )

    1. Awesome Amy! Using features like those that Picnik offers really can transform a picture and create an entire new vision.

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