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rotten eggs

It seems like more and more I find myself thinking of all the daily occurrences that I really need to write down. I just know that years are going to pass me by and all of these stories and memories are going to run jarbled in my head. Everyone is always asking for an update on the kids, or begging for the latest pictures…. so here is our avenue. A place for me to think and share, and a place for you to enjoy and listen… (or read)

With four children life is crazy. There is never a dull moment, rarely a second to rest, hardly ever is there time to just sit and reflect. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the day before. The funny things that were said, the goofy moments in between and the absolute thrill in getting through each day. There are days I run off of coffee and steam, and there are days I want to crash and wonder if retirement (having all these children raised and in college and married off) means I can finally get to sleep-in again. Did I just say ‘married off’? They do not have to all get married, but they are not living at home after 18. They will be strong, confident, well-lead men- I am sure of that.

Let me give you just a little taste of the fun we have around here…..

Yesterday was any normal day. I had a check list in my head of the things I needed to do. The standard things- like get the big boys off to school. They are funny. Recently they decided eating breakfast at school is ‘cool’. Maybe it is their moment to show one another where they stand within their own crowd? It is the only time Garrett and Anthony are in the cafeteria together, as their lunch times are on different sides on the hour hand, in fact their classrooms are in different hallways. So, for breakfast, first grade sits at this table and second grade sits at these tables, and so on. Garrett gets to sit across the room and look at Anthony and remind him, even though we must share at home, this is where I draw the line. These are my third grade friends, this is my table and you must stay ‘over there’. In return, Anthony stares back at Garrett devouring his breakfast pizza, wondering what color he will get on today, not giving any care or concern to Garrett’s arrogant ego. So, the day begins.

When I get home from dropping kids off at school it is time for Lenny to get his work day started. Now I need to cram in as much work as I possibly can- approx 5.2 hours a day. Work, the kind I get paid for in American direct deposit dollars. The work that gets done in between everything else. I’ve set the twins up with their favorite entertainment- PBS. Clifford the Big Red Dog is on and soon it will be Dragon Tales and then Big Big World…. They have a toy box that reaches from here to there FULL of toys. They have wide open spaces… to play and have fun. But, none of this could be as stimulating and exciting as the therapy that apparently comes in cracking eggs-17 of them to be exact.

Lenny still does not know this story- not sure I should tell him, but I am sure it will soon get to him as I post this blog. My office is one of the bedrooms in the house converted to an efficient, yet very disorganized, working ground. It is an office that children get into to sharpen their pencils for homework and unassembled parts of the $400.00 printer that is covered in hand prints of two year olds. It is the office that Lenny steals my important papers from to write down his next air conditioning call while leaving cereals bowls or empty coke cans behind. My office phone rings and it is a vendor calling me back for an upcoming conference we are organizing. We are hoping this vendor will support our program with an educational grant. She is asking for last minute details about the conference and expresses her hope to attend and in the background I can hear a repeated thud sound coming from the living room. Trying to stay focused on the phone call, but clearly distracted by this repetitious thud, I am attentive to our client, but really need to get to the living room. When the three minute call is over I am off to investigate. Here they are, these two sweet little boys, standing in the middle of the living room floor. Clifford apparently was lame today- who cares what T-Bones big challenge was today! There are bigger eggs to crack in our neck of the woods. Lined along the top of the couch sits about six or seven eggs. One twin is in mid-toss, when I notice the wall behind the couch. These kids have great arms- about 4 feet above the couch the wall is covered in egg slim. They tossed these eggs so hard that when they hit the wall, parts of the shell have stuck to the paint on the wall. Some of the eggs were behind the couch. Some of the eggs where next to the couch. Only one lonely eggs was spared in the carton. Yes, this is real. They’ve cracked a few eggs on the couch before, but never threw them at the wall and made an Olympic game of it all. They really were trying to throw them as high as they could, just to watch the yolky mess slide down the wall and land on the back of the couch as they congratulated one another by jumping up and down as they laugh. And when I catch them, it is pure delight to them. Luke smiles from ear to ear and takes off running being sure to jump over the few yolk piles on the floor. Nicky gives his mischievous smirk and runs off screaming and squealing. You can only imagine the clean up…. the yolks out numbered the babies and the mess was a bit overwhelming, but, now all is well. A trip to Lowes or Home Depot for a refrigerator lock that two, two year olds, can not out smart is on my weekend ‘to-do list’.


  1. Jenni Dickson says:

    Holy Mackral woman! You’re busy. Sounds like you have basball stars on your hands. And Garratt! He is quite the handsome man! At least you don’t have to worry about pony tails and braids with all those BoYs…..just broken glass and dirty walls 🙂

    love ya girl,


  2. my_3_kids says:

    You have such a way with words. I seriously think you should write a book! I woudl definately buy it. 🙂

  3. Wow! I feel lucky that my son has never come close to creating such a mess of Olympic proportions. I will always think of this, especially today when I will clean up his spilled breakfast on the floor!

    I did the same prompt.

  4. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    What a mess! I would hate cleaning this up.

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