Elf on the Shelf: Goes to the Mall

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Saturday we decided to get out of the house and drive to Dallas with family and browse the Galleria Mall. It was also my brother James’ 32 birthday. And boy was he so excited to spend his afternoon at the mall.

Christmas shopper crowds, no less.

No really- he was a trooper about it.

And what do you know, when the kids loaded up in my Suburban, Elf was there on the dashboard, welcoming them to day 20 of Elf on the Shelf.

elf on the shelf ideas

My husband took a quick shot of all of us.

We had 10 kids total with us.

That is not my entire family- just one brother, my sister and myself and our kids. (There is my sister-in-law too!)

family at galleria

The Galleria has an inside ice skating rink.

We can ice skate in Texas, ya know.

skating galleria mall

We quickly got front row seats and waited patiently for the 30 minute Santa Ice Skating Show to begin.

We waited over an hour.

With 10 kids.

Feeding them cookies.

Making bathroom trips.

Elbowing people who tried to take over our spot.

galleria mall people

Then my phone ran out of battery.

My point?

Break the rules. Take Elf along with you somewhere.

This only happens once a year, ya know.

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