Elf on the Shelf: Gone Fishing (MacGyver Style)

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Welcome to day nine of Elf on the Shelf at our house.

This morning my children woke up when I did…. rarely happens.

Nick (6) says:  Elf must have lost his magic. He did not move.

Mommy says in her head: Crap!

elf on the shelf photos

We soon headed out the door to meet up with my sister.

My husband is home today.

Before I leave I go into the bathroom and say…

So, I did not get to move Elf, in case you have not heard.

And, they noticed.

When we leave can you move him?

Oh, and can you make him fishing?

With the fish bowl on the table?

Make a pole.

And a chair.

Somehow. Using toys from the little kids’ room.

Love you, bye.

elf on the shelf notes

I believe his exact words to me were Um, right.

Boy did he deliver.

He even made a note.

I swear his middle name is MacGyver.

Oh, and a lovely Crystal & Co., reader shares her Elf on the Shelf ideas here.


  1. Kim Idell says:

    I bet Lenny had fun doing that! How nice that he was able to help out. 🙂 He did a great job! What did the note say?

    1. He did a great job didn’t he?

      The note said:

      Hey Boys-
      Relax and be very nice to Mommy and Daddy.
      Christmas will be here soon.

    1. Thanks Melissa.

      I love the way it turned out. I could have never pulled that off!

  2. We started doing elf this year. I love seeing some of the cool things some parents come up with! Our elf encouraged my stubborn 3 year old daughter to potty train out of no where. So we love the elf!

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