Elf on the Shelf: Happy Birthday Jesus

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We have had such a great time with our 30 days of Elf on the Shelf. We are sad to see it come to an end.

Christmas morning we wanted to celebrated the birth of Jesus and the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Elf brought delicious cupcakes for Jesus’ birthday!

elf on the shelf christmas morning

 The kids loved this idea.

Now that Christmas has come and gone Elf is still hanging around the house but has not been reporting back to the North Pole each night. My twins (6) have been pretty inquisitive.

Now that Christmas is over they wanted to know if Elf would lose his magic if they touched him….. I knew where this was going.

For the last few days I have let the little kids play with Elf. They have lugged him all over the house. He has slept with them, played cars with them, they have even practiced Elf on the Shelf in “poses” like having Elf drink from my coffee cup.

Why not let them have fun with him?

Speaking of birthday’s today is New Years Eve and this would be my grandmother’s 96th birthday. She passed away when the twins were one. She was super special to me- I still miss her everyday.

Happy Birthday Grandmother! We never stop remembering you!

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