Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Hanging Out in the Laundry Room

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Yesterday our boys found Jack, our Elf on the Shelf, in a place he’s never hidden before. If you’re looking for fun Elf on the Shelf ideas, this is a cool one.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the lace-a-word alphabet letters and string that I use with Matthew as one of our Elf on the Shelf antic props. This was the perfect opportunity.

hanging around in the laundry room

Elf’s arms hang perfectly with any additional security in the wire shelving that I use in my laundry room.

I laced the words Good Morning Boys on the strings and tied it to the wire shelf.

good morning boys (elf on the shelf ideas)

The boys were impressed to say the least and it took them a while to find him.

And, he stayed in place all day long.

elf on the shelf in our laundry room

What has your Elf on the Shelf been up to?


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