Elf on the Shelf Ideas: He Blogs

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How could I not go here? I have a blog for crying out loud that talks about Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Why not have Elf  blog?!

This is what my boys found Elf on the Shelf doing yesterday and there were pretty impressed.

elf on the shelf ideas elf blogs

Being that I am on the computer a lot during the day, I needed Elf to use a computer that no one would be getting on,  so I did this on my husband’s computer.

And why not have Elf brainstorm about blogging ideas and topics?

(Elf is really concerned about the dog getting ahold of him the other day. Totally 100% unplanned by the way.)

elf on the shelf blog ideas

And look at what you get. A little sneak peek at my blog redesign that has been underway since February.

You read that right, almost a year.

Getting really excited.

crystalandcomp.com blog

 What has your Elf on the Shelf been up to?


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