Elf on the Shelf: In Which Elf Celebrates Birthdays

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Yesterday we began 30 days of  Elf on the Shelf . Welcome to day two.

We are reading The House at Pooh Corner right now in our homeschool curriculum.   I am certain I did not read this book as a child. I had no idea how funny Pooh and Piglet are and how cynical Eeyore is. Nick (6) gets the humor and seems intrigued.

In which it makes me laugh.

elf on the shelf ideas

Today I turn 35.   It is my birthday- that’s what it is. The day in which I celebrate another year older. A day in which I am lucky to have gotten this tired body out of bed.

I check the calendar just to make quiet sure it is my birthday.

It is.

So I go on a thinking walk and decide I will embrace this celebration.

The more I age- tiddely-pom,

The older I get- tiddely-pom.

The more I age- tiddely-pom,

The more I go on AGING.


No worries. I have a plan.

I convinced Elf on the Shelf to leave my kids a note.

And what do you know?

Elf left me flowers, too!

elf on the shelf ideas

And the note to my children reads:


Go easy on your mom today.

It is her birthday.

And she is getting really old- like Ms. Claus old.

She is close to 100. Ok, she is 35.


That is old.

Her back hurts.

She could hardly get out of bed this morning.

Give her these flowers.

And a hug.

Take her to Starbucks.

(And keep your rooms clean!)


**Special note to 3 year old: Chill with the black Sharpie. Please.



Mommy Elf


And dear children, the next time I go flying like an owl does through the air, then suddenly I am not flying anymore, and I realize I have only stepped on the Legos you left underfoot; I will remember our adventures are sure to be interesting. Especially when I am making memories with you guys. And hopefully I keep my marbles in my tired brain until I am at least 100.

Or even 99.


If one of your kids (or one of the parents) is celebrating a birthday during Elf on the Shelf season, consider leaving a fun note. Here are more Elf on the Shelf ideas.


  1. Happy Birthday, Crystal! You know Troy is 2 & 1/2 weeks behind you. 35 is a great age. You are old enough to be respected…and not so old that little kids call you ancient! I love the “elf” note. ESPECIALLY the part about the sharpie! Have a great birthday! 🙂

    1. Thank you Becki. For some reason 35 has me a bit scared. Feeling closer to 40 maybe?

      Oh the Sharpie….. he is always climbing to get it. Then once he has it he loves to draw all over himself. Two baths and it still will not come off. The story if my life.

      1. Kim Idell says:

        Hey now! I AM 40 inching so much closer to 41. 40 really was not bad for me. 41? Pretty scary. Lol!

        1. Kim Idell says:

          Oh……Happy Birthday you under 40 girl! Love you!

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